ESL Writing Worksheet: Opinion Essay About Video Games (Intermediate)

In this writing worksheet, you are going to find exercises that will help students elevate their writing skills and practice the structure of an opinion essay on the topic “Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?”. 

There is an example of a short opinion essay on this topic, plus a multiple section where students can check their understanding of this type of writing, a section for practicing useful words and phrases for opinion essays plus practical tips for writing an opinion essay. The exercises are tailored to intermediate (B1) students.

Preparation Notes for the Teachers

Required time: 45 – 60 min

To prepare:

Prepare a discussion that covers the topic of the pros of video games. 

As a warm-up, tell students that you all know that playing too many video games for too long can be harmful for the mental and physical being of a person. However, this activity is also fun and some games are really engaging and intelligently made, so players see many good reasons about why they should play them. 

Ask students: How many hours per day do they play video games? What is their favorite video game and why? Are video games a good way to socialize? Are video games a good way to learn new English words? Are there any other benefits?

An Opinion Essay: Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?

In this worksheet, you will find exercises that will help you strengthen your writing skills and learn how to write an opinion essay on the topic “Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?”.

You will also learn some useful words and phrases for opinion essays, plus practical tips for writing an opinion essay. 

What is your favorite video game and why? Are video games a good way to socialize? Are video games a good way to learn new English words? Are there any other benefits?

Discuss briefly with your teacher and the class, then answer the questions in Exercise A, B, C, D, and E.

Read the questions before answering to make sure you understand them.

Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?

Today, many young people play video games on their electronic devices, at home, at their friends’ houses and many of them say that playing video games is their favorite activity.  These games are good for young people because of several reasons.

First of all, I think that video games are a good way to train your brain. There are many popular games in which players need to have high levels of thinking, follow instructions, solve complex problems and use logic. In my opinion, these games are fun, and you can learn many things from them. Moreover, you can play them with friends online, so you can hang out and socialize even if you have long-distance friendships.

In addition, you can learn a lot of new English words if you play video games. Some people think that you learn best in classes and while listening to music or watching films. Although this is true, there are many excellent students who learn English from video games because they spend most of their free time playing.

Finally, I believe that video games are good because they are fun and intelligent. I think that they are a good alternative to communicate with friends when you can’t see them in person and learn many new things together.

A. Understanding the Opinion Essay

1. Read the above essay, then choose and circle the 6 ideas that are mentioned in the essay.

a) Video games can increase your intelligence and ability to think.

b) Too many young people are obsessed with video games.

c) Playing video games online is good for socializing.

d) You can play video games even when you are not at home.

e) It is better to learn English in person than online.

f) Many students do well in English because they play video games.

g) There more reasons why playing video games is good for young people.

h) Many video games may help young people with problem-solving.

B. Expressing Opinion

2. Match the words and phrases that have a similar meaning. *Reminder: some of these words and phrases are underlined in the opinion essay in Exercise A.

To sum up…  Today…  Actually…  I don’t think that….  Firstly… Moreover… I think that… To conclude…

a) I disagree that… ____________________________________

b) Finally…____________________________________

c) Nowadays…____________________________________

d) In addition…____________________________________

e) In fact…____________________________________

f) First of all…___________________________________

g) I believe that…____________________________________

Tips for Writing an Opinion Essay

  1. Write your essay in 3-4 paragraphs. Start each paragraph with phrases like First, Moreover, To conclude.
  2. Express your opinion using phrases like In my opinion, I believe, I think that. Always support your opinion with 1-2 arguments, i.e., why you think so.
  3. Mention opinions that are different from yours. Use phrases like “Some people think/believe“ and then explain why you don’t agree with them. Always explain why you disagree with 1-2 arguments.

C. Write an Opinion Essay

3. Write an opinion essay with the title ‘Are video games good for youngsters?’ Write the essay below and give your opinion.

Download this worksheet (including key) in Word and PDF doc format (zipped)

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