ESL Listening Comprehension Worksheet: Technology and Relationships (Intermediate-Advanced)

In this listening comprehension worksheet about technology, your students are going to listen to 12 minutes of a podcast titled: “Science Human Connection: Can Technology Help Us Build Authentic and Meaningful Relationships?“. The worksheet contains a warm-up activity and other exercises. It’s tailored to Intermediate-Advanced students (B2).

Preparation Notes for the Teacher

Required time: 30 min

How to use the worksheet: 

  • Play the podcast, pause at minute 3:00.
  • Instruct the students to do warm-up Exercise A. 
  • Play again and pause at minute 12:00. 
  • Instruct the students to answer the questions in Exercise B and Exercise C.

Link to the podcast:

Can Technology Build Better Relationships?

To complete this worksheet, you are going to listen to the first 12 minutes of a podcast titled: “Science Human Connection: Can Technology Help Us Build Authentic and Meaningful Relationships?“

Link to the podcast:

Do the warm-up Exercise A first, then answer the questions in Exercise A and Exercise B.

Read the questions before answering to make sure you understand them.

A. Warm-up (Vocabulary) 

Draw lines to match the words and the expressions on the left to their definitions/meanings on the right.  

a) a start-up

b) an algorithm

c) an insight

d) to build bridges

e) a matchmaker

f) swiping (in an app)

g) to resonate

h) meaningful

i) to pivot

j) to lag behind
to relate to a statement or event

to decline or reject someone

to move more slowly than others

to connect for better understanding

a newly established business


to fundamentally change the direction

a process or set of rules in calculations for problem-solving

someone who arranges romantic relationships between people

an accurate and deep understanding

B. Multiple-Choice Questions 

Listen and choose the correct letter. (Do not fill in the blanks.)

1. Before Nina and Niloo met, Nina wanted to start a new business with …

a) her old colleagues
b) a dating app founder
c) a co-founder

2. Technology has _______ in improving human relationships.

a) built a community
b) created dating apps
c) lagged behind

3. The matchmaker of Nina and Niloo was …

a) the HelloIris app
b) Niloo’s former boss
c) Nina’s friend

4. According to Niloo, the blockchain industry can be compared to …

a) a community
b) a romantic relationship
c) human society

5. Before working together, both Nina and Niloo were tired of apps …

a) that didn’t match personalities
b) that were focused on endless swiping
c) that used complicated algorithms 

C. True or False?

Are the statements True or False?

1. According to Nina, human connection is based on humans’ world-view and communication.  _____

2. Niloo’s colleague created personality tools that she later used in the HelloIris app. _____

3. The algorithm for the dating app is based on humans’ reactions and life values, like “I am a vegan”. _____

4. Swiping apps were an antidote to the HelloIris app. _____

5. Nina and Niloo started working together after they had met on Facebook. _____

D. Discussion

Answer these questions in class and explain your answers with arguments. 

How effective are dating apps for meeting romantic partners? 

Do you trust the matchmaking of dating apps? 

Do you think that technology will progress enough to help humans build quality relationships?

Download this worksheet (including key) in Word and PDF doc format

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