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Browse our complete archive of blog posts written by ESL teachers and education industry experts, including advice about teaching English abroad, teaching English online, and tons of tips and resources for the ESL classroom.

The 11 Countries Paying the Highest Salaries for Teaching Abroad

If you’re interested in living abroad, you might be considering teaching ESL as a way to fund your travels.  Teaching English abroad can be incredibly lucrative, as well as a…

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ESL Conversation Starters -- the list

150 ESL Conversation Starters and Questions (The Essential List)

Do you want your students to be excited to speak with you in English? Do you want to make sure you always know where the conversation is going and what…

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Teaching English In Peru (The Country Guide)

¡Hola! Are you interested in brushing up on your Spanish — or just seeing the world? Teaching English in Peru is a great option to get paid for traveling to South…

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teaching English in Cambodia

Teaching English in Cambodia (The Country Guide)

If you consider teaching English in Southeast Asia, Cambodia should definitely be on your list! This coastal nation is full of beauty and a great place to live and work.…

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Teaching English in Brazil (The Country Guide)

Whether you’re a language learner, a restless wanderer, or a committed teacher (or all three!), consider teaching English in Brazil! While Brazil isn’t one of the most popular TEFL markets,…

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teaching English grammar

33 Sure-Fire Strategies & Activities for Teaching English Grammar

Grammar… how do we teach it? Is it just reciting monotonously from a textbook and hoping that the students are on board? Can we make it more interactive and dare…

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Teach English in Russia

Teach English in Russia (The Country Guide)

Have you been dreaming of life in the land of borscht, mushroom domes, and the Bolshoi Ballet? Whether you’ve had your heart set on teaching English in Russia for ages…

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The 16 Best Cities to Teach English in China

If you’ve started looking for ESL jobs in China, you may be getting overwhelmed by all the employment offers out there. There are jobs in a billion different cities you’ve…

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Shape Names – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Teach the most common shape names to your learners – with our lovely illustrated ESL worksheets and flashcards, exclusively from JIMMYESL. Kids – and likely adults, too – will love…

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Teaching English in Ecuador (The Country Guide)

Teaching English in Ecuador is a great way to fund your travel experience in South America and build relationships with locals while you’re at it. Why Ecuador? If you’re interested…

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Can You Teach English Abroad Without Certification?

Teaching English abroad is a fantastic opportunity for people who want to gain experience in international education, make a career change, or simply jump at the chance to live abroad.…

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The 7 Requirements for Teaching English in China

If you’re considering teaching in China, you probably have lots of questions about what the requirements are. As things are changing often in a fast-paced country like China, you have…

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Teaching English in Argentina (The Country Guide)

If you’re looking for adventure or just a stable job in another country, consider teaching English in Argentina. You’ll love the laid back culture, beautiful scenery, and delicious food here…

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Teach English in Chile (The Country Guide)

Have you been dreaming of teaching English in Chile? Or perhaps you want to live somewhere in Latin America but you’re not sure where to go or what to do…

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Is Teaching English Abroad a Good Idea for YOU?

You’ve probably seen stories online of people who live abroad and lead glamorous sun-soaked lives. Now you want to move abroad, too, but you’re scared. Becoming an English teacher is…

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School & Classroom Objects – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Teach English vocabulary related to school objects or classroom objects to your students – with our lovely illustrated ESL worksheets and flashcards, exclusively from JIMMYESL. Kids – and likely adults,…

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Free English Grammar Worksheets For Your ESL Lessons

Grammar: It’s what holds language together, it’s crucial to speaking and writing well, it’s … sooooo boring. If you hate teaching grammar (or even if you love it!) you’ll love…

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Free ESL Writing Worksheets For Your Lessons

Struggling to find ESL writing worksheets for your class? Fret no more! We’ve compiled a list of free worksheets with exercises and practices that’ll turn your students into writing pros…

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requirements teaching English abroad

What Are the Requirements to Teach English Abroad?

Have you been dreaming about teaching English abroad? Or maybe you just heard about someone else’s fabulous experience teaching in an exotic country and now you want to do it,…

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The Importance of Word Stress (in the English Language)

I’ve come across countless students who have a  decent understanding of English grammar, writing, and vocabulary. However, many of these same students continue to struggle with speaking and have difficulty…

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Free ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Your Lessons

Do you need English reading comprehension worksheets to supplement your ESL classroom? Check out some of the worksheets and editable documents on this page. Why Reading Comprehension Is Important Reading…

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15 Fun ESL Vocabulary Games to Teach Kids and Adults

What are your methods for teaching vocabulary? Drills? Flashcards? Yuck! Boring! While these can certainly be effective, they can be a quick way to lose your student’s attention if you…

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Classroom Light Filters: Lighten Up Your Lessons!

Do you get a rush the week before school starts? Your classroom is expertly decorated, your wall decorations and rewards chart are perfectly on theme, everything is sparkly and ready…

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Classroom Headphones (And Earphones) For Any Age of Student

Speaking and listening are vital to learning any language (and other subjects). And in today’s world, sometimes that gets done via electronics. If your school is equipped with Chromebooks, iPads,…

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