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The Importance of Word Stress (in the English Language)

I’ve come across countless students who have a  decent understanding of English grammar, writing, and vocabulary. However, many of these same students continue to struggle with speaking and have difficulty…

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Free ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Your Lessons

Do you need English reading comprehension worksheets to supplement your ESL classroom? Check out some of the worksheets and editable documents on this page. Why Reading Comprehension Is Important Reading…

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15 Fun ESL Vocabulary Games to Teach Kids and Adults

What are your methods for teaching vocabulary? Drills? Flashcards? Yuck! Boring! While these can certainly be effective, they can be a quick way to lose your student’s attention if you…

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Classroom Light Filters: Lighten Up Your Lessons!

Do you get a rush the week before school starts? Your classroom is expertly decorated, your wall decorations and rewards chart are perfectly on theme, everything is sparkly and ready…

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Classroom Headphones (And Earphones) For Any Age of Student

Speaking and listening are vital to learning any language (and other subjects). And in today’s world, sometimes that gets done via electronics. If your school is equipped with Chromebooks, iPads,…

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tefl certification

The Route to TEFL Certification: Start Teaching English Now!

Are you considering teaching English abroad or online? Perhaps you’ve just started your search and you don’t know what all the websites mean when they talk about getting TEFL certification.…

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Enroll in a TEFL Course

So, you’re ready to teach English as a foreign language, great! Finding the perfect TEFL course can be difficult though — of course, any course provider claims that his training…

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Teacher Background Checks: 6 Mistakes ESL Teachers Make — And How To Avoid Making Them

Are you dreading wading through red tape on your journey to becoming an ESL teacher abroad? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The amount of work you have to do…

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5 Roomy and Durable Teacher Bags You Will Love

As a teacher, it is important to have a bag that’s reliable, organized, and sturdy. Have you ever gotten to school and realized you forgot to bring anything to write…

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Combating Teacher Burnout: 6 Ways to Fight Back When The Classroom Blues Hits

Do you have days — or weeks — when you feel like you’ve just hit a wall? Students you usually think are delightful turn into little demons, every little thing…

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Great Classroom Rugs to Make Learning Fun for Young Students

Classroom rugs are must-have accessories for any kindergarten and preschool. They’re the center of the classroom — the focal point of the room, and where students gather to for circle…

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How to Make a Classroom Management Plan That Really Works … in 4 Easy Steps!

What do a teacher and a manager have in common? The truth is, they’re more similar than you might think. In fact, all teachers are also managers. To be an…

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Bye, Bye, Bubblegum! 13 Classroom Rewards That Actually Benefit and Motivate Students

All of us were kindergarteners at some point, right? Hopefully? Well, I remember the rewards that I got in kindergarten: bubblegum, a movie day, a pizza party at the end…

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7 Tips on Writing Your Resume to Get Hired as an English Teacher Abroad

The demand for English teachers around the world is great, and growing year on year. That means if you want to teach English abroad, you shouldn’t have too much trouble…

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Fun & Easy Classroom Procedures To Streamline Your Class and Preserve Your Sanity

Have you ever been in a classroom full of young learners? When 20 or so preschoolers are in a room together, things can get hectic. Crying, running around, you name…

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The 3 Building Blocks of Positive Classroom Culture

Have you seen classes where everyone was running around and the teacher had no control over the students — or where the classroom was completely silent and the students were…

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Free ESL Idioms Worksheets & Lists For Your Lessons

An idiom is defined as “a phrase or an expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning” (Source: Wikipedia). Idioms are widely used in conversational English and are a…

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What to Do After Teaching Abroad: 6 Possible Careers

Teaching English abroad for a year or so can be a life-changing experience for everyone. But the final day of your teaching contract will come more quickly than you could…

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ESL classroom expectations

Setting Classroom Expectations: The 3 Most Effective Expectations in Any ESL Classroom

Are you a new ESL teacher, or a teacher working to improve your classroom? You’re probably looking for ways to maintain an orderly classroom, not to mention create a positive,…

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Is Getting a TEFL Certification Worth It? The Pros and Cons

Do you want to teach abroad? Many people want to be able to live and work in a foreign country, but they don’t know where to start. To become a…

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9 Tips for Learning English as a Second Language (the Smart Way)

In today’s fast-paced globalized world, it is essential to be bilingual, to be able to speak eloquently and effectively in the English language. English is the universal language for communication…

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best laptops for teachers

The Best Laptops for Teachers: The Definitive Buying Guide

What would a teacher’s life be like without a laptop? For most teachers, it’s their #1 tool. They use it to draft their worksheets, show videos in the classroom, research…

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8 Simple Language Learning Strategies Guaranteed to Help You

Speaking foreign languages is a crucial skill in today’s globalized world. Do you marvel at people who fluently speak Mandarin or Suaheli or even English as their second language? At…

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What is Teaching English in Vietnam Really Like?

Hey, how cool would it be to live and teach English in Vietnam? The cost of living is cheap, the people are nice, the pay is good, and the entire…

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