ESL Vocabulary Worksheet: Weather Report & Forecast (Elementary-Intermediate)

In this weather vocabulary worksheet, you are going to find ESL vocabulary exercises that will help students expand their weather vocabulary and talk and answer questions about seasons, weather, and temperature. The worksheet includes vocabulary exercises on these topics, tailored to elementary – intermediate (A1-B1) students, plus an interactive “Weather Forecast” game/ presentation.

Preparation Notes for the Teachers

Required time: 45 – 60 min

To prepare:

To warm up, ask your students “What’s the weather like today?” and “What season is it”. Check if they understand the difference between these two and explain it.

Next, see if they can use more weather adjectives (chilly, cloudy, sunny etc.) by asking “Is it…(chilly, cloudy, sunny etc.)”.

List flashcards which show different type of weather and weather verbs like “snowing, raining, the sun is shining…”. Give examples: “Today is sunny. The sun is shining. Yesterday was cloud. It was raining.” Encourage students to repeat after you. 

For Exercise E, play the video to the class, then help them to prepare their weather forecasts and present them in front of the class. Encourage students to use as much of weather vocabulary.

Weather Report & Forecast

In this worksheet, you will learn to talk about the weather, the seasons, and the temperature, and then prepare a weather report/weather forecast yourself.

What’s the weather like today? What season is it? What’s your favorite weather? What do you enjoy doing then? Do you read the weather forecast every day? Discuss briefly with your teacher and the class, then answer the questions in Exercise A, B, C, D. Present your weather forecast to the class.

Read the questions before answering to make sure you understand them.

A. Vocabulary (Opposites) 

1. Choose the words from the table to describe the seasons and write them in the correct column. Some words can be used more than once.

warm  cold  windy  foggy  icy  sunny  wet  dry  hot  cloudy  snowy  rainy  frosty  clear calm  lovely  terrible  fine  bad

2. Write the correct opposite word of the words (a-h) below:

a) warm – 

b) hot –

c) cold – 

d) foggy –

e) wet –

f) windy –

g) rainy –

h) clear –

i) calm –

j) lovely –

B. Use of Weather Vocabulary

3. Read and complete the sentences (a-j) with the words from the table in Exercise A (1).

a) Let’s go to the beach. It is ___________________ today.

b) The weather is___________________ today. Put on your raincoat.

c) The plane can’t fly because it is too ___________________.

d) I love the winter. It is  ___________________  and  ___________________ and we can ski.

e) I don’t like the summer. It is too  ___________________ !

f) The weather is ___________________ . Let’s go to the park!

g) In autumn, the weather is usually  ___________________ and  ___________________.

h) My dog likes the spring because it is  ___________________ and we can stay outside and play.

C. Weather Report (Talking about the Temperature)

4. Read and answer the questions (a-c).

NOTE: When we talk about the temperature, we can say:

  • Present: “It is warm today. It is 20°(twenty degrees).”
  • Past: “It was cold yesterday in Canada. It was – 11° (minus eleven degrees).”
  • Future: “It will be hot on Monday. It will be 40° (fourty degrees).”

a) What was the weather like yesterday?

b) What’s the temperature today?

c) What will the weather be like tomorrow?

Exercise D. Weather Report (Talking about the Temperature)

5. Now answer the questions about the weather and the temperature in the cities below. 



a) What is the weather like today?

b) What will the weather be like tomorrow? What will the temperature be like on Thursday?

c) What was the weather like yesterday?


Tuesday ThursdayFriday

d) What is the weather like today? What’s the temperature today?

e) What was the temperature yesterday?

f) What will the weather be like on Friday?

Exercise E. Game (Weather Forecast)

5. Watch this video:

Make a weather forecast similar to the one in the video and present it to the class.

Download this worksheet (including key) in Word and PDF doc format (zipped)

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