JIMMYESL was founded in 2017 as Jimmy’s personal blog, where he shared his adventures as a traveling ESL teacher. Today, it’s grown into a go-to resource for ESL educators worldwide, offering a vast library of free guides, tips, ideas, worksheets, and other classroom materials. Our team of English teachers from around the globe regularly contributes posts and teaching resources to help you excel in the classroom.

In case you’re new to the scene, ‘Teaching ESL’ stands for ‘Teaching English as a Second Language,’ which means teaching students who aren’t native English speakers. Pretty straightforward, right?

We believe that shared language and cultural awareness are key to building bridges between people from diverse backgrounds, opening doors to new opportunities in our globalized world. That’s why we’re passionate about teaching English – it’s a rewarding career that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Our goal is to create in-depth guides and top-notch resources that make your job easier. We know teaching can be tough, but with the right materials and prep, you can deliver engaging and effective lessons that benefit both your students and you.

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Meet the Team

Meet some of the friendly humans who shaped JIMMYESL by now, through bringing in their passionate work and their personal experiences.

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Jimmy Avatar


Julian is a high school teacher who, after college, took a gap year to teach English in China. His experiences in the vibrant cities of Beijing and Shanghai instilled in him a deep appreciation for the power of language education. Returning home, Julian brought his newfound passion to the high school classroom, where he now helps students navigate the complexities of the English language.

Magda Origjanska


Magda is an English teacher from North Macedonia with a great passion for reading, translation, children’s literature, and writing. As a teacher, she likes to explore teachers’ views and experiences and apply these in innovative learning strategies of modern pedagogy. The classroom is the place where she feels at home, and her pursuit is to make students feel that way too. In her leisure time, you can find her riding her bike, translating, or taking Swedish lessons.


Molly lives in New York, USA. After college, she spent almost two years in Shenzhen, China. There she worked in schools, training centers, and individual homes, teaching STEAM and ESL to students of all ages. After, she continued to tutor Chinese students and research topics in the world of ESL. Today she is a law student. In her time off, Molly can be found traveling, studying Chinese, or doing yoga.


Jonathan, from Nottingham, UK, has been teaching English for over 3.5 years. After coming back home from a one-year teaching adventure in Chongqing, China, he has really found his passion for online teaching. Meanwhile, he switched careers and works as a web developer today.