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Meet the Team

JIMMYESL is run by a team of freelancers and English teachers from all around the globe. Meet some of them.


Molly, Content Writer

Molly graduated from the University of Oklahoma and currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. After college, she spent almost two years in Shenzhen, China. There she worked in schools, training centers, and individual homes, teaching STEAM and ESL to students of all ages. She continues to tutor Chinese students and research topics in the world of ESL today. When she's not teaching or writing, Molly can be found traveling, studying Chinese, or doing yoga.

Molly writes about teaching English abroad and online. See her posts

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Jonathan, Content Writer

Hailing from Nottingham, UK, Jonathan has been teaching English for over 3.5 years. After coming back home from a one-year teaching adventure in Chongqing, China, he has really found his passion for online teaching. He loves teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds and learning about the different cultures they come from. When he isn’t teaching, he is developing his Japanese ability and creating more material for English learners on his website English +XP.

Jonathan writes about teaching strategies and grammar topics. See his posts

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Andres, Illustrator

Andres was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and graduated as a graphic designer in 2013. After two years, he quit his regular job in a design studio and backpacked throughout South America and Europe for another two years. Today, he works as a freelance illustrator and mainly creates cute imagery for kids, storybooks, and educational stuff. He loves dancing, laughing, traveling and connecting with people.

Andres creates lovely illustrated ESL teaching resources.

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Marcel, Wanna-be CEO

After graduating in Industrial Engineering in 2007, from day one, Marcel has been working as a freelance writer, digital marketer, and business trainer. He's very much into foreign cultures and learning languages and enjoys leaving his office for backpacking and hiking trips in the countryside. Currently, he lives in South-Western Germany.

Marcel is responsible for marketing and business development.

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Jonathan's Story

When I first got into teaching English, the goal was simple… I wanted as much change in my life as possible!

I was 25, living in Nottingham (UK) and working as a sound engineer. I loved my job at the time but was fed up doing the same thing in the same city and wanted to stretch my wings and explore the world. After finding out about friends of mine who started doing TEFL courses I decided that this could be my ticket.

After I had finished my course I had one area in mind, Asia. Once I found out about the vast number of jobs in China I just knew I had to go!

The training school in Chongqing I went to was heavily influenced by music with a heavy emphasis on singing and performance. This was ideal for me given my background in music as both an engineer and musician. We would learn new vocabulary and songs in class and then go out and perform them to parents and the public, exciting!

A pic of my journey to a rural part of Chonging, China. (Photo: Personal)

I got to see so many new things and experience new sights, food, and culture while I was there. It really was life-changing. I also loved the challenge of learning another language and adapting to a new environment.

Once I returned I was a little tired from traveling but couldn’t stay away from teaching, I was hooked!

This time I decided to try online teaching and I fell in love immediately. I was able to be my own boss, set my own hours and teach what I thought was most effective for a student. Also, when you teach in another country you learn about that culture, whereas when I teach online I learn about cultures from all over the globe!

There are a number of teaching platforms to help you find students; I mainly use Verbling and Preply. I also teach directly using Skype (cutting out the middleman) but most of my students come through other platforms which have a wider reach.

The stage where students and teachers performed in the language school. (Photo: Personal)

As time has gone on I’ve really become more interested in developing myself as a teacher. I want to know how to motivate my students, the best ways to teach certain areas of the language and how to use my teaching time in the most efficient way.

When I first signed up to my TEFL course it was maybe a temporary thing, a gateway to an extended holiday abroad. However, I’m now 3.5 years in and have really found a career that I feel passionate and care a great deal about.

Also, as I’m self-employed it really gives me a sense of ownership and responsibility for my own growth, goals, and destiny. That to me is freedom and happiness.

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