ESL Listening Comprehension Worksheet: In the Kitchen (Intermediate)

In this listening comprehension task, you are going to listen to an ESL kitchen video with simple instructions on how to poach an egg.

Video link:

To warm up, answer the questions with ESL kitchen vocabulary in Exercise A (ESL kitchen utensils included), then play the video, and answer the questions in exercises B and C.

Read the questions before answering to make sure you understand them.

Watch the video:

A. Exercise: Vocabulary

  1. Write the correct verb in the empty box below the picture.
  1. Match the verbs (A-L)  with the correct nouns (1-12).
  2. mash                                       1. a bowl 
  3. chop                                        2. a knife             
  4. grate                                        3. a whisker
  5. stir                                           4. a grater
  6. rack                                         5. a cooking spoon
  7. knead                                      6. a kitchen counter          
  8. pour                                         7. a strainer
  9. whisk                                       8. a peeler
  10. mix                                          9. a cutting board
  11. drain                                        10. a ricer
  12. peel                                         11. a mixer
  13. slice                                         12. measuring cup

B. Exercise: Multiple Choice Questions

Listen and choose the correct letter.

1.   To poach something means:

  1. to cook it in a pot
  2. to boil it
  3. to cook it in liquid

2.   To make poached eggs, we need 2 fresh eggs, 1L water and:

  1. 1 L of vinegar
  2. a wooden cooking spoon
  3. 1 tbsp of white vinegar

3.   We serve the poached eggs on:

  1. bread
  2. butter and bread
  3. toast

4.  First you light the stove and then:

  1. you put a frying pan on the stove
  2. you fry the egg on the stove
  3. you put a pot on the stove

5. The water is simmering when:

  1. it is boiling
  2. there are bubbles but it’s not very hot
  3. it is ready for boiling

6. Use a spoon to:

  1. mix the water
  2. whisk the water
  3. stir the water

7. When the toast is ready:

  1. spread some butter on it
  2. melt some butter on it
  3. put some butter on it

8. Before you put the egg on the toast, you have to:

  1. mash it
  2. drain it
  3. stir it

9. The yellow part of the egg is called:

  1. sunny
  2. egg yellow
  3. yolk

10. This part of the egg should be:

  1. tasty
  2. runny
  3. funny

C. Exercise: Scrambled Sentences

Read the scrambled sentences, then put them in the correct order to complete a pancake recipe. Write the correct recipe on the lines below.

1 Whisk the eggs, then add the milk, a bit of salt, and flour. Stir well.
2 Ingredients: 2 eggs, 250 ml milk, 150 ml flour, a bit of oil, a pinch of salt.
3 Use a spatula to fry the pancake on both sides.
4 Crack the eggs in a bowl.
5 Serve hot or cold with a topping on the side.


Download this worksheet in Word and PDF doc format (zipped)

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