The Best Voice Amplifiers for Teachers

Voice amplifiers and microphone systems save teachers’ most valuable instrument – their voice. 

Regardless of whether you are teaching in a smaller or larger classroom, or even online, voice amplifying technology will improve the quality of your work and protect your health.

The market offers a wide range of voice amplifiers for teachers, so we created a list of the Best 5 Voice Amplifiers for Teachers to help you find the one that fits your needs.

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The Best Voice Amplifiers for Teachers

Why should every teacher have a voice amplifier?

Voice amplifiers are practical, easy-to-use devices that you can install in nearly any teaching environment. You can use them in your common classroom, outdoors, in large assembly halls for specific occasions but also while teaching online. 

It takes only a single class with a voice amplifier to feel the benefits of it. This simple, yet powerful teacher’s tool is of great support when you feel tired but still need to speak in front of a larger group of people.

What teachers like best about voice amplifiers is that they are quite user-friendly when it comes to portability and usage. You just plug in your headset, attach the unit to your belt or waistband and turn it on. 

Many of the models are also wireless, so you can move around the classroom but still save some energy as you won’t need to speak loudly, move and thus feel voice strain when you get tired.

The 5 Best Voice Amplifiers for Teachers

So, how to find the best voice amplifier for you? Firstly, think about how you are planning to use it and whether you need it only for indoors or outdoors activities.

The second relevant thing to consider while browsing for a device is how easily it can be operated. Next comes the battery life (preferably long-lasting), the range of volume, and the portability. 

Our list of the best voice amplifiers for teachers is based on these key aspects, enhanced by teachers’ experiences and reviews.

Best Wireless Voice Amplifier for Teachers: WINBRIDGE S92 Pro

With its high-power technology and wireless headset microphone, this amplifier is our top pick when it comes to choosing the best wireless voice amplifier for teachers. Winbridge S92 Pro won’t fail you when you need to be heard clearly in class or during a presentation in a large assembly hall.


  • wireless headset microphone
  • handheld microphone
  • portable Bluetooth loudspeaker
  • 2 lithium batteries included
  • 25W sound coverage 


This is a user-friendly amplifier that will save both your voice and throat. In addition to the wireless headset microphone, it includes a portable loudspeaker and a handheld microphone.

With you can use both of the microphones simultaneously. This will really improve your class atmosphere during discussions, Q&A presentations, and debates.

The compact, high-quality microphones offer great sound quality, so you can freely move around to up to 100 ft (30 m) and be sure that your audience can hear you.

You can easily pair the loudspeaker with your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone as it works with Bluetooth control.

It supports USB drives and TF cards and includes an AUX port which is convenient for connecting it to other devices.

This model is rechargeable and includes 2 lithium batteries that provide 8-10 hours usage of the loudspeaker and 4-6 hours of hand-held microphone and the headset microphone.

Best Portable Voice Amplifier for Teachers: Zoweetek Voice Amplifier

This amplifier is a real voice saver- it works great when you need to move and speak in front of 25 to 100 people. It is compact and practical as it is super lightweight, so all you need to do is clip it on your belt or pocket and start speaking!


  • 2 microphones included 
  • AUX input (can be used as a wired speaker)
  • sound coverage of 10,000 sq. ft (1000 m2)
  • rechargeable lithium batteries
  • waist belt included


  includes a 3.5 mm AUX input, so you can connect it to your computer, mobile phone, or tablet and use it as a wired speaker. It includes 2 microphones- a wireless one and a wired one.

This device covers up to 10, 000 sq. ft (1000 m2) and offers superb audio support. We chose it as the best portable voice amplifier for teachers as it is very practical for music lessons, outdoor activities, excursions or sport coaching.

The portable voice amplifier works with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be used approximately 8-15 hours per day while the microphones’ battery lasts 3-5 hours.

You can use this voice amplifier with a TF card or a USB drive to play music or any other audio downloaded material to your students.

A waist belt that you can also wear around your neck is included.

Best Around the Neck Amplifier for Teachers: SHIDU Portable Mini Voice Amplifier

Carrying a voice amplifier around your neck can be super convenient when you want to move among your students around the classroom. This mini, portable voice amplifier is compact and lightweight but gives an intense sound up to 10W which makes it perfect for teachers of younger students, for example, who need to talk a lot and often wear their voice off.


  • 10 W power output
  • Sound coverage of 5,000 sq. ft (500 m2)
  • turns into a music player
  • rechargeable lithium battery
  • waistband and USB cable included


can cover rooms with 25-100 people, or 5,000 sq (500 m2), producing a clear sound without noise.

It’s a multifunctional device which turns into a music player when used with a USB flash drive or a TF card. You can even turn it into a mini karaoke system which can be quite useful for foreign language teachers who like to experiment with listening exercises.

This voice amplifier comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 8-12 hours when used with the microphone, or 6-10 hours when used as a music speaker.

One of the reasons we chose SHIDU Portable Mini Voice Amplifier as the best around the neck voice amplifiers for teachers is because it features a clip that will attach it to your belt, or you can simply hang the waistband around your neck and work in a hands-free mode.

The headset and the portable microphone are comfortable, lightweight and adjustable. You don’t need to worry about sound quality as you can easily adjust the distance between the mic and your mouth.

The product includes a waistband and a USB cable that you can use as a charger.

Best Pendant Microphone for Teachers: K&F Concept Lavalier Microphone

No doubt that pendant microphones give out a neat look when speaking in public and many teachers prefer to use these as they are practical, compact and almost invisible.

We chose K&F Concept Lavalier Microphone as the best pendant microphone for teachers because it’s a portable, wireless and comfortable device that offers invisibility while producing clean and loud sound.


  • pendant microphone with a clip
  • a wireless transmitter 
  • a rechargeable lithium battery
  • 262 ft (24,3 m2) operating distance
  • great for sound and audio recording


This product contains a transmitter, a receiver and a microphone. It includes a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 6 hours when fully charged.

Simply clip the microphone on your shirt or coat collar, and you can move around in your teaching space easily. Your voice will sound professional without any distortion or white noise.

The is also convenient for sound and audio recording.

The wireless audio transmitter and the receiver connect automatically, so you just plug in and press play, no need for Bluetooth or additional apps. 

Best Wireless Microphone for the Classroom: SHIDU Wireless Voice Amplifier

This is a powerful ultra-portable voice amplifier with a wireless microphone set and compact design. And as mobility is teachers’ priority in the classroom, this device offers advanced wireless technology that will keep your connection fast and stable for long hours of free moving while speaking.


  • a wireless mic headset
  • Power output of 18W
  • Bluetooth support
  • matches all types of devices
  • waterproof
  • covered with anti-fingerprint rubber
  • USB cable and 3.5 mm audio cable included
  • adjustable waistband included


The  features a wireless microphone headset. The amplifier is portable and has a power output of 18W, so you can use it both indoors in the classroom or for outdoor activities and teaching.

It is user-friendly and matches all types of devices- just plug the USB cable into your mobile phone, PC, laptop or tablet, and it’s ready to use.

The powerful Bluetooth support will enable you to use the wireless microphone and play music from the amplifier simultaneously. We recommend this as the best wireless microphone for the classroom because it will boost the everyday atmosphere throughout the lessons and make them more fun.

This voice amplifier features a rechargeable battery that can last up to 13 hours at 50% volume when fully charged.

SHIDU Wireless Bluetooth Voice Amplifier is also waterproof and can resist mild water splash which makes it convenient for usage around younger students. Also, it comes in an anti-fingerprint rubber cover that protects it from scratches and prolongs its durability.

The product includes a charger, a 3.5 mm audio cable, a USB cable and an adjustable waistband.

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Final words

Using a voice amplifier in the classroom will undoubtedly improve the quality of your teaching and will protect your health. We hope that our selection of the best voice amplifiers for teachers will help you find your new tech buddy in the classroom that will save your voice and keep you up to date with the new, cool ways of teaching.

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