Free ESL Listening Worksheets for Your Lessons

Always on the quest for listening worksheets and listening comprehension excercises for your ESL lessons?

Here, we put together a collection of ESL listening worksheets, free to use for teachers.

(We know, not much to see here yet, but we are just starting out with this section.)

ESL Listening Worksheets for Intermediate Students

TopicWorksheet Type
In the kitchenListening comprehension, Intermediate Level
Food: school lunchListening comprehension, Intermediate Level
Travel and transporationListening comprehension, Intermediate Level

ESL Listening Worksheets for Advanced Students

TopicWorksheet Type
Technology & RelationshipsListening comprehension, Intermediate-Advanced Level
Aakward TV momentsListening comprehension and writing, Advanced Level

Other Resources

Check our big list of 12 ESL listening activities and exercises.

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