The Best Microphones for Online Teaching

Online teaching is taking over and the number of teachers and students who opt for a virtual classroom is growing faster than ever before. Regardless of whether you’re a part-time online teacher or look forward to a professional career as an online tutor, you must have high-quality audio equipment. 

The right microphone will definitely improve your teaching as it will deliver clear sound and distribute high-quality voice to your students. 

Finding the best microphone for online teaching may seem tricky as the tech market is continuously growing. We are here to make this easier for you! We made a list of the 6 Best Microphones for Online Teaching that will save your time and lend a helping hand when choosing.

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The 6 Best Microphones for Online Teachers

Why should teachers use microphones for online teaching?

Online teacher’s work is approximately 1 to 6 hours per day, meaning you need comfortable audio support that will make your lessons run smoothly and without any hassle.

Microphones efficiently collect and optimize your voice, so you’ll be able to easily control sound and raise it without any shouting. This will keep your voice relaxed and your energy saved. Newbies in online teaching usually start working by relying on their laptop built-in microphone, but they soon realize the big difference between these and the professional microphones used for speaking, i.e. teaching.

Most online teachers explain that they feel more confident in class when using a high-end microphone, as students feel encouraged when hearing a clear, professional voice that feels nice to the ears.

The Best 6 Microphones for Online Teaching

So, where do you start from when choosing among this selection of the best microphones for online teaching?

Here’s what you’re looking for:

  • use (suitable for live video, audio-only, screen sharing, and voice-over)
  • simplicity (a user-friendly microphone to save time and energy)
  • form (wireless or external)
  • comfort (lightweight and comfortable)
  • affordability (a model that matches your budget)

It is not super simple to find a product that will cover all these and meet your needs, but read on about the Best 6 Microphones for Online Teaching and let us change your mind!

Best Wireless Microphone for Online Teaching: Apple AirPods Pro

If you are a teacher who wants to move, talk and stay flexible during classes, then we recommend Apple AirPods as a product with the best wireless microphone for online teaching.

The main imperatives of these earbuds are comfort and clear sound- not only that these speakers produce a high-quality sound, but their microphones also distribute a crisp and solid voice. Plus, they’re extremely user-friendly and keep you hands-free and neat while teaching.

You can connect this product with any laptop. To find the best laptops for teachers, click here.


  • comfortable, universal fit
  • bigger freedom of movement
  • produce clear sound and voice
  • connect to other Apple devices
  • wireless charging case
  • battery life up to 5 hours


This model of  AirPods is lightweight and practical. You just fit them into your ears, and you’re ready to start class. Don’t worry, they won’t fall out of your ears when you move more energetically. They’re made to fit!

They connect to other Apple devices through Bluetooth in a second and conveniently disconnect the moment you remove them. You can freely move around your home while teaching as they can be used at a distance of 10 meters away from the device. 

The battery life ensures interrupted work up to five hours with a fully charged case. The fast 15-min charging inside their case is an extra reason to make these, your fellow mic for online teaching.

Best Comfortable Microphone for Online Teaching: Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000

Let us quote a teacher talking about the importance of having a comfortable headset for online teaching: “Make sure your ears don’t feel like in the sauna”. 

This product is exactly the opposite- it is lightweight, features a pair of total-comfort leatherette ear pads, plus it has a noise-canceling microphone that delivers a crystal-clear voice and sound.


  • lightweight and super comfortable
  • leatherette ear pads
  • built-in noise-cancelling microphone
  • wired 6-foot cable
  • easy setup


has a simple setup and works on a plug-and-play principle that will make your work fast and technically efficient.

It is wired and includes a digital USB connection and a flexible 6-foot cable.

The headset has a built-in unidirectional microphone with 180-degree movement and noise cancellation technology that isolates noise and focuses on your voice only.

For this product, you need a PC that has one of the following operating systems (and meets their requirements): Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Best Noise-Canceling Microphone for Online Teaching: Sennheiser Audio SC 660

This is a headset with a microphone that gives super clear sound and delivers accurate and natural voice to students.

The advanced noise-canceling technology of Sennheiser Audio SC 660 works as a filter of the background noise, so you won’t need to worry if your students are disturbed by extra unwanted sounds during class.


  • advanced noise-canceling technology
  • USB connection
  • HD sound technology
  • natural voice and smooth listening experience
  • multifunctional headset control system
  • 2-year warranty


This product was designed by professionals for any type of professionals who need an efficient hands-free solution. Therefore, it’s on the top in this category of the best microphones for online teaching.

It has a USB connection, and it’s empowered by HD sound technology that makes the voice sound natural yet clear while providing a smooth listening experience.

You can easily connect and disconnect as the high-quality mechanism can stand the constant (un)plugging.

The headset is multifunctional, so you can use it directly to control the volume, redial calls, and mute your microphone.

A 2-year warranty on all elements is included.

Best Recording & Streaming Microphone for Online Teaching: 

If you consider including recording and streaming of audio materials in your online classes, then you should go for this model among our best microphones for online teaching. The Blue Snowball ICE USB Mic is a professional microphone that produces premium sound quality. You can use it for live teaching, but also for voice recording for YouTube, or podcasting.


  • crystal-clear audio quality
  • high-end noise cancellation technology
  • excellent for recording and streaming
  • great for vloggers and podcast creators
  • 2-year warranty included


Thе guarantees crystal-clear audio quality that will make your voice sound loud and clear.

It has a high-end noise cancellation technology that blocks the external noise in the background and focuses solely on distributing your voice to listeners.

An excellent choice for teacher-vloggers or podcast creators who add videos and recordings to their lessons or share their work in the digital world.

This product is a simple plug-and-play mic that you can connect to your PC or Mac. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Best Professional USB Microphone for Online Teaching: MAONO USB Microphone

Another model of professional microphones in our list of the Best Microphones for Online Teaching. This one works with the friendly plug and play method thanks to its USB 2.0 data port which will allow you to simply connect it with your computer.

It has a double shielding USB cable that reduces any kind of external noise which makes it great for recording your lessons but also for live-streaming, podcasts, and video calls.


  • plug-and-play
  • USB 2.0 data port
  • double-shielding USB cable
  • crystal-clear voice and sound
  • advanced noise-reduction technology
  • foldable armband and adjustable angle
  • perfect for recording and live-streaming


has an advanced noise reduction technology supported by a USB condenser kit that will make your recordings smooth and your voice sound crystal-clear.

It is convenient for adjusting to a suitable angle and height, so you can speak relaxed while keeping a healthy body posture. It has a foldable armband and adjustable angle. The arms of the stand are extensible, and you can also fold it when needed. 

You don’t need any additional drivers to make it work, and you can connect its USB 2.0 interface directly to the computer. It is compatible with both Windows and MacOs and it is even suitable for PS4.

Consider this model a long-term investment as it is made of a high-quality metal that protects the microphone, and it includes a shock mount that has a foam protection wall that will hold and protect your microphone.

Best Sound Quality USB Microphone for Online Teaching: NAHWONG Professional

The last professional microphone selected among the Best Microphones for Online teaching has caught our attention because it is a high-quality condenser mic that can pick up delicate sounds and thus deliver excellent sound and voice quality.

It is a superb choice for recording lessons, YouTube videos, creating voice-overs or podcasts, and much more.


  • suitable for all laptops and PCs
  • plug-and-play
  • pick up delicate sounds 
  • prevents environmental noise and microphone echo
  • adjustable metal stand
  • shock absorber included
  • 1-year warranty included


is a USB microphone that is suitable for all laptops and PCs. It grasps and records real sound and offers clear sound quality. 

The unique design of NAHWONG Professional includes a metal case and a Cardioid PickupPattern that will correctly capture your voice to sound professional.

This advanced technology filters environmental noise and lowers the microphone echo, so basically, it will record your voice only; without any unwanted background noise.

It is easy to use and works by the plug and play principle- just plug it in, and it will directly connect to your computer without any extra installation of driver software.

Thanks to the adjustable metal stand, you can be sure that your mic is stable and won’t fall off while you’re working. The set includes a metal base to secure the mic to your desk and avoid damages.

The product comes as a USB mic kit combo that includes a condenser microphone, a metal shock mount, an adjustable arm stand, a desk mount clamp, a pop filter, a mic cover, and a USB A to B cable.

It is compatible with most of the mainstream operating systems, including MacOS and Windows, and offers a 1-year warranty from the date of your purchase.

Here are 6 great headsets for online teaching for less than $100.

Last words

You’ll never get a second chance to leave the first impression, so if you’re about to start teaching and think about whether to use a microphone for online teaching, the answer is yes.

And if you’re already teaching online and want to renew your tech equipment to bring your work to the next level, we hope our selection will help you find what you need to enjoy your work event more.

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