Are You Considering Teaching English Abroad?


Is Teaching English Abroad a Good Idea for YOU?

You’ve probably seen stories online of people who live abroad and lead glamorous sun-soaked lives. Now you want to move abroad, too, but you’re scared. Becoming an English teacher is…

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requirements teaching English abroad

What Are the Requirements to Teach English Abroad?

Have you been dreaming about teaching English abroad? Or maybe you just heard about someone else’s fabulous experience teaching in an exotic country and now you want to do it,…

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Where Should You Teach Abroad?

teaching English in Asia

The 7 Best Places to Teach English in Asia (in 2019)

Been dreaming of living somewhere in Asia while teaching English? There’s a flavor for everyone, from the beaches in Thailand to the Great Wall in China, and every jungle or…

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The 7 Best Places to Teach English in Latin America (in 2019)

Been dreaming of living somewhere in Latin America while teaching English? There’s a flavor for everyone. Choosing a country within this fascinating region is quite the task. This post lists…

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The 7 Best Places To Teach English In Europe (In 2019)

Do you dream of living and teaching English in Europe? Europe undoubtedly has something to offer for everybody. Researching the 44 countries, and deciding which one to call home, is…

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tefl certification

Are you considering teaching English abroad?

Take a TEFL course to qualify for thousands of great teaching jobs worldwide.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about getting TEFL certified.

Teach English in China

The 16 Best Cities to Teach English in China

If you’ve started looking for ESL jobs in China, you may be getting overwhelmed by all the employment offers out there. There are jobs in a billion different cities you’ve…

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The 7 Requirements for Teaching English in China

If you’re considering teaching in China, you probably have lots of questions about what the requirements are. As things are changing often in a fast-paced country like China, you have…

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Yes, You Can Teach English In China, No Experience Needed!

Do you want to teach in China, but the idea of standing at the front of a classroom full of children who don’t speak your language makes you shake in…

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Tips to Get Hired Abroad


Teacher Background Checks: 6 Mistakes ESL Teachers Make — And How To Avoid Making Them

Are you dreading wading through red tape on your journey to becoming an ESL teacher abroad? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The amount of work you have to do…

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7 Tips on Writing Your Resume to Get Hired as an English Teacher Abroad

The demand for English teachers around the world is great, and growing year on year. That means if you want to teach English abroad, you shouldn’t have too much trouble…

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Teaching ESL in a Language Centre: What to Expect

Have you come across a lot of job ads which want you to teach ESL in a language centre in China, Vietnam or anywhere else? You may wonder what working…

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In-Depth TEFL Country Guides

Teach English in Russia

Teach English in Russia (The Country Guide)

Have you been dreaming of life in the land of borscht, mushroom domes, and the Bolshoi Ballet? Whether you’ve had your heart set on teaching English in Russia for ages…

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Teaching English in Ecuador (The Country Guide)

Teaching English in Ecuador is a great way to fund your travel experience in South America and build relationships with locals while you’re at it. Why Ecuador? If you’re interested…

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Teaching English in Argentina (The Country Guide)

If you’re looking for adventure or just a stable job in another country, consider teaching English in Argentina. You’ll love the laid back culture, beautiful scenery, and delicious food here…

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Teach English in Chile (The Country Guide)

Have you been dreaming of teaching English in Chile? Or perhaps you want to live somewhere in Latin America but you’re not sure where to go or what to do…

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What is Teaching English in Vietnam Really Like?

Hey, how cool would it be to live and teach English in Vietnam? The cost of living is cheap, the people are nice, the pay is good, and the entire…

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Teaching English in Taiwan (The Country Guide)

Taiwan, an island nation with a population of 23 million, may be easy to miss on a map, but its small size belies a wealth of culture, food, natural beauty,…

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The Guide to Teaching English in Germany

Thinking of teaching English abroad? Germany might not be the first European country that comes to mind, but maybe it should be! What you will find in this article is…

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The Guide to Teaching English in South Korea

Annyeonghaseyo! If you are considering teaching English in South Korea, you are picking one of the prime locations in Asia for making money and having awesome adventures. Korea is packed…

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The Guide To Teaching English In Japan

Teaching English in Japan is very, very popular. Japan is called to be a safe, clean and well-organized country of friendly people. However, finding a teaching job there can a…

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The Guide to Teach English in China

China is by far and away the number one destination to teach English abroad, with job opportunities for everyone. What are the requirements, how can you find a job and…

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How To Teach English in Costa Rica, The Land Of “Pura Vida”

If you plan to teach English in Costa Rica, you arguably chose the best option in Central America. Not only does it have countless job opportunities, but the country is…

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Teaching English in Spain – The Ultimate Guide for ESL Teachers

Teaching English in Spain is one of the most popular options for ESL teachers to work in Europe. The sunny country is well-known for its culture and relaxed and friendly…

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How To Get a South Korea Work Visa (E2 English Teaching Visa)

Westerners, who want to teach English in South Korea, need an E2 South Korea work visa. To qualify for an E2 visa, you must meet strict requirements, bring your documents and…

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The Guide on How to Teach English in Mexico

What should you know about teaching English in Mexico? Those US Americans that teach English in Mexico are able to experience a foreign country and culture without traveling very far…

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The Guide To Teach English in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is called the ‘Mother of all cities’ not for no reason, and it’s a premier TEFL destination in Europe as well. Before you teach English in Prague, you might…

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How To Ace The Job Interview In Korea (As An ESL Teacher)

So you’ve decided to teach English in South Korea. You’ve talked to a recruiter and they want to interview you. Now what? As someone that has taught English in South…

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The Guide To Teach English in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand – this sounds like living and working in a place where others spend their vacation. However, the job market is competitive and opportunities for newbie teachers…

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How To Teach English in Colombia – What You Need To Know

Do you want to teach English in Colombia? Of all the places to teach English, I can’t think of a country that is more appealing than Colombia. Are you going…

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My Observations of Teaching English in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I am just finishing my second year of work in Saudi Arabia, where I live in the 2500 year old city of Jeddah, population 4 million, which boasts the largest…

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Teaching ESL in India: What You Need To Know

As a practically native-English-speaking country, India may not be on top of your “teach English in…” list. Paid opportunities are rare, but you can teach English in India as a…

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Teaching English in Sri Lanka (As A Volunteer)

This will be a little different from the usual EFL teaching abroad articles. For one thing, the post I am talking about is a volunteer post. “Why should I volunteer…

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The Guide To Teaching English in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are looking to make money teaching English and live in the comforts of modern society, the United Arab Emirates might be your next stop. Nestled in the Middle East,…

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How About Teaching English In Brazil?

Of all the intriguing countries throughout the world, Brazil might be the most attractive. Beautiful beaches, rainforest, architecture, wonderful people and a growing economy make Brazil the destination of the…

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The Guide To Teaching English In Saudi Arabia

Whether you are already teaching English or entertaining the idea, it doesn’t take long to realize that there isn’t much money to be made in this industry. Most teachers around…

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