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Free ESL Noun Worksheets For Your Lessons

Struggling to find ESL noun worksheets for your class?

That is over now! We’ve made a list of free noun worksheets with exercises and practices – for all ages and levels!

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Why Should You Spend Time Teaching Nouns?

In English, there are many different noun forms. Students have to know about singular, plural, uncountable and countable nouns to use English grammar properly.

Furthermore, there are irregular plural nouns, like man and men, foot and feet, or tooth and teeth. By using the below listed worksheets, your students will learn the nouns properly.

How Can You Incorporate Noun Worksheets Into Your Lessons?

There are various ways to include these worksheets into your lesson.

You can make your students work on the exercises on their own during class and compare the solutions together in class.

Another option is to divide your students into groups. Then they can ask each other questions in the singular or plural and get a feel for the nouns. After such a lesson, you can give your students another assignment sheet as homework.

Throughout the year, you can distribute individual worksheets on the nouns and thus check the level of knowledge and anchor the knowledge better in the minds of your students.

Free Printable ESL Noun Worksheets

Download, edit and print all of the following worksheets for ESL teachers – completely free!

Worksheet TopicFile Download
Exercise: Countable and uncountable nounsWord
Exercise: Singular and plural nounsWord
Exercise: Plural nounsWord
Exercise: Countable and uncountable nounsWord
Activity: Plural nounsWord
Activity: Compound nounsWord
Exercise: Singular and plural nounsWord
Activity: Irregular nouns word searchWord
Exercise: Countable and uncountable nounsWord
Activity: Compound nounsWord
Exercise: Irregular plural nounsWord

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