The 5 Best Document Cameras for Teachers

Usually, you teach in a classroom or work remotely as an online tutor, but you surely want to be that cool teacher who keeps students interested and motivated. A document camera as a teaching tool in your lessons will help you to do so.

With this super-efficient device, you’ll get the freedom to use a variety of learning resources and make lessons more fun and engaging.

Browsing for the best document camera on the vast tech market may seem complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, we made a selection of the 5 Best Document Cameras for Teachers that will help you pick a model that matches your needs and expectations.

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The Best Document Cameras for Teachers

Why Should Teachers Use Document Cameras for Teaching?

Document cameras are one of the best investments for both on-site and distance learning. Use them to provide smooth, clear, and zoomed close-ups of just any teaching material in class like notes, books, maps, pictures, dissected objects, etc.

Just turn on the document camera and project what you want in detail on the board or computer. Most models nowadays are lightweight, compact, and portable, which makes you mobile while demonstrating projects or zooming in relevant visuals. The more advanced document camera models can be used as scanners or webcams that record videos (perfect for remote learning!).

Also, they are user-friendly and can be directly plugged into your computer or operated through Wi-Fi. According to teachers’ experiences, document cameras also motivate students to appreciate the vibrant atmosphere where they can come up and share their opinions or knowledge.

The Best 5 Document Cameras for Teachers

Here are some things to consider when choosing among the best document cameras for teachers:

  • portability (make sure it’s compact, light, and simple to use)
  • light (check for a built-in or mountable light)
  • quality webcam (if you opt for a model for recording)
  • whiteboard friendly (convenient for in-classroom use)
  • lenses (optical zoom lens; microscope attachment for improved clarity)
  • price (think what features are necessary to your needs to plan budget)

Yes, we know that it’s a lot to think about when searching, but read more about our 5 Best Document Cameras for Teachers to find the right one for you.

Best Document Camera for the Classroom: Epson DC-13

This high-performance document camera is a game-changer in your classroom. It has HD output resolution and digital zoom that provide exceptional clarity of images in detail. 

On-site teachers love it as it includes a microscope adapter for sharing magnified images during science classes, for example, and it also enables recording and sharing of audio and video lessons. 


  • exceptional zooming and clarity (16x digital zoom)
  • record and share lessons
  • built-in microphone
  • microscope adapter included
  • HDMI digital connectivity
  • HD 1080p output resolution


works with an HDMI digital connectivity that results in HD videos. You can capture and display books or demonstrate experiments with clarity.

We recommend this model as one of the best document cameras for teachers as it has a built-in microphone, an included software for recording (with freeze and capture buttons for convenient control), and the option to save lessons on an SD card or computer.

If you want to carry it around the school easily, we recommend to look at our list of the best rolling carts for teachers.

This model work with the following operating systems: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Vista|Mac OS X 10.7.x 10.8.x 10.9.x 10.10.x 10.11.x

Best Document Camera for Online Teaching: INSWAN INS-1

A real tech gem for all online tutors in this selection of the best document cameras for teachers. This document camera may seem like a tiny, fragile device at first glance, but be sure that it’s a powerful tool that you’ll enjoy using in your virtual lessons.

The small size and its compact multi-joint design make it convenient for remote offices of various sizes, so you can easily adapt it to your desktop space.


  • ultra HD camera
  • rotating lens module
  • captures 2D and 3D objects
  • Includes LED light and anti-glare
  • microscope adapter
  • USB connectivity
  • HD 180p output resolution
  • fully compatible with most types of apps


INSWAN INS-1 is a 2-in-1 ultra HD camera that transforms into a webcam that offers a real-time image capture. This will make your lessons and students’ presentations more vivid and inspiring for engagement.

Feel free to include your handwritten notes, paper documents and books with the help of its lens module that rotates down and captures material head straight down.

This document camera has a supplemental LED light and an anti-glare sheet that makes it suitable for all lighting conditions.

As a device, it is tiny and easy to place on your desk. Its multi-joint design allows image capture of 2D and 3D objects. Another great advantage is that you can connect it to a microscope and present the material on a big screen.

comes with intuitive free software that guarantees to make teaching and presentations an adventure. Also, the camera is fully compatible with most types of distant learning and webinar software apps like Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Use this model at home with webinar software for remote teaching, but also consider its ability to serve as an HD PC camera for online meetings, web conferencing, etc. 

Best Portable Document Camera for Teachers: OKIOCAM S

When it comes to portability, this compact, easy-to-use model is our top choice in the list of the best document cameras for teachers.

OKIOCAM S works like a 2-in-1 webcam and document camera. Use it to record your online lessons, as a standard front-facing webcam, or as a document camera, when you need to demonstrate or show something in great detail like 3D objects, hand writings, book pages, etc.


  • ultra-compact
  • lightweight  (0.59lbs/ 269g)
  • rotatable camera
  • 1920x1440p video resolution
  • detachable camera head, arm and base 


This is a simple document camera model that you only need to plug in before use. It is ultra-compact, and you can easily transport from home to your classroom, or store it when not in use as the camera head, the arm, and the base are detachable. The camera video capture resolution is up to 1920x1440p.

is lightweight (only 0.59lbs/ 269g) and adjustable. It includes a retractable arm and a foldable magnetic baseplate.

It has an authentic multi-joint structure and a rotatable camera that allows image capturing from all angles.

It works on Mac, Chromebook, and Windows PC. Plus, it is compatible with almost all apps and recording tools like Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Mac FaceTime, native Windows Camera app, native Chromebook Camera app, and Mac QuickTime player.

Best Document Camera for Scanning: CZUR Shine800-Pro

Shout out to all teachers who love multifunctional devices that can scan documents! CZUR Shine800-Pro is a document camera that won our hearts while selecting the best document cameras for teachers.

It is portable, affordable, powered with an HD camera, and what’s most important, it can scan your documents and teaching resources.


  • ultra-fast scanner
  • document camera
  • OCR function for macOS and Windows
  • converts file formats
  • 1-year warranty included


With the ultra-fast scanner designed for A4 documents, which operates at 1 sec per page, you can scan objects smaller than A4 size.

is multifunctional and works as a document camera and a document scanner that with its OCR function for macOS and Windows can scan papers and convert files.

It scans 100+ languages and converts files to JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel and TIFF powered by ABBYY. This model is lightweight (4 lbs/ 1,800g) and 90-degree foldable, with a convenient foot pedal. A 1-year warranty is included.

If you want even better scanning functionality, you might even have a look at our list of the best printers, since they usually have great scanning features.

Best Wireless Document Camera for Teachers: IPEVO VZ-X 

IPEVO VZ-X is an exceptional device in our range of best document cameras for teachers as it offers 3 connection modes to its users: wireless, HDMI, and USB. You can use it with a computer, with iOS or Android devices, or directly with an Apple TV, projector, or monitor.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, we really like that this model enables teachers to connect from the place they find to be most convenient.


  •  wireless, HDMI, and USB connectivity
  • can be used as a webcam
  • Battery life of 9-12 hours
  • direct HDMI projection
  • LED light and a microphone included
  • compatible with most teaching software


Connect your via Wi-Fi and enjoy wireless mobility throughout your working hours as the battery lasts 9 to 12 hours. 

This doc cam produces high-quality images with supreme color reproductions and can be also used as a webcam for video meetings or conferencing. It works excellent for presenting science and art projects that require detailed visual materials.

The device has the option for a direct HDMI projection, so you can stream real-time images to your TV projector or monitor without using a computer.

A LED light and a microphone are included. The built-in LED light provides use in dimly lit environments, while the microphone has a noise reduction technology that will focus your voice while recording.

IPEVO VZ-X is compatible with a wide range of teaching software, so you can use it with Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, Google Meet etc.

Last words

Document cameras will definitely upgrade your (online) classroom atmosphere. These devices will inspire you to include more visual material in your lessons and make them more attractive to your students. We hope that our list of 5 Best Document Cameras for Teachers will help you find the model that will take your future work to a higher level.

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