The Best Printers for Teachers – Review

Teaching and printing go hand in hand, by the rule of thumb. Being a teacher in today’s world inspires one to readopt my resources and materials in a digital format, however, there are still a multitude of things that need to be printed. 

Tests, reports, quizzes, worksheets, and other kinds of printables can be found on every teacher’s to-do list. So having a reliable, fast, and good-quality printer is one of the essential teaching tools to consider.

Different teachers require different types and models of printers, therefore, it might seem a bit overwhelming to find the one you need while digging in the massive tech market. But that’s where we step in! Check out our list of the Best Printers for Teachers and pick the right one for you.

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The Best Printers for Teachers: Wireless and Fast

Why Should Teachers Use Printers When Teaching?

The daily work of a teacher takes a lot of multitasking and a fast working tempo, so investing in a personal printer will save your time, as you won’t have to stand in a queue in front of your school office to get your printables for the day.

Your printer will also enable you to incorporate vibrant colorful visuals in your class, which can be a big plus when it comes to retaining students’ attention or simply making lessons more fun.

Thanks to the multifunctional and wireless printers today, we no longer see teachers running from one machine to the other in order to copy, scan and print. Most of the printers on the market fulfill all these functions in one and this makes them super practical for both home office and classroom.

In the opinion of teachers, printers make the work a lot more practical, especially when learning resources and material need to be instantly provided.

The Best 5 Printers for Teachers

How to choose what printer is the one for you?

We’ve explored the tech market and researched teachers’ experiences, so here are the factors we think you should weigh in prior to your purchase:

  • printing needs (black & white or color; printing volume)
  • printing time (acceptable speed and fine quality)
  • print quality (an inkjet color printer is a great option)
  • connectivity (wi-fi for better mobility and sharing with other devices)
  • budget (including running costs of ink refills and maintenance)

Best Color Printer for Teachers: Canon Office PIXMA

An excellent printer that is simple to use. Canon Office PIXMA is our choice in this category of Best Printers for Teachers because it produces clear and detailed pictures and photos in vivid colors, but also you can use it for printing, scanning, and copying.

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  • inkjet all-in-one printer
  • high-quality printing
  • detailed pictures and photos
  • vivid colors
  • built-in SD card included
  • wireless


This inkjet all-in-one printer will impress you with the print quality it provides. It uses a five-ink system to print detailed documents and borderless photos, which can be very useful for your crafting projects.

is compact and wireless. You can easily connect it to your smartphone, iPhone, or iPad but also through AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, a USB or SD card.

You can fit in anywhere in the (class)room and feel free to move around while printing. It comes with a built-in SD memory card reader.

Best Home Printer for Teachers: HP OfficeJet 8025e

This printer is a convenient yet high-quality choice for your home office. It is multifunctional, so you can print, copy and scan all kinds of color documents like presentations, reports, flashcards etc.

Plus, it comes with a free 6-month ink supply and an extra year of warranty coverage.

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  • fast all-in-one printer
  • wireless 
  • an automatic document feeder included
  • free 6-month ink supply 
  • an extra year of warranty 
  • intelligent self-healing Wi-FiTM


HP OfficeJet 8025e works fast and offers 2-sided printing and mobile and wireless printing, so you can stay mobile while at home and print from different devices like your smartphone or computer. 

It also includes an automatic document feeder (ADF) that will allow you to insert a big volume of paper documents and let the ADF process them without having to put each page into the printer manually.

Another reason why we recommend as one of the Best Printers for Teachers is that it’s fast and can print up to 20 pages per minute in black & white or up 10 pages in color. 

The wireless connectivity allows you to scan documents from your phone to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other digital storage where you can save important files for work. It is supported by an intelligent self-healing Wi-FiTM that automatically detects and resolves connection issues.

If you activate the HP+ printing solution, you’ll get 6 months of ink via Instant Ink and an extra year of HP warranty coverage. The ink will be automatically delivered to your home before you run out, which is a top-notch time saver for extra busy teachers.

Best Wireless Printer for Teachers: Canon PIXMA TS6320

Another Canon model in our list of the Best Printers for Teachers, but this one caught our attention because it’s a cloud-enabled multifunctional machine that connects through Wi-Fi and offers simple wireless share around your teacher’s or home office.

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  • inkjet multifunction printer
  • wireless, mobile printing
  • Canon print app to scan and print from cloud platforms
  • easy sharing with other devices
  • eco-conscious; automatic double-sided printing


is an all-in-one inkjet printer that is perfect for mobile printing and this means perfect for teachers who appreciate wireless, mobile style of working.  It produces high-quality printable and has built-in wireless connectivity, so you can print and scan wirelessly from any computer.

You can print or scan documents or photos from a compatible device through its Canon print app that enables you to print, scan, and edit directly from popular cloud-based platforms like Facebook, Instagram, AirPrint, or Google Cloud Print.

It has a compact, sleek and stylish design with an OLED display that offers a bright and clear view of the printer information and the printer status.

This printer is actually made for smartphone and tablet printing. If the power is off, you can continue printing where you’ve stopped by simply pressing “print” and its output tray will be automatically ready to capture your new prints.

Print documents directly from your mobile or tablet, or preferable browser. Also, you can share your work with colleagues or students if needed, by simply connecting with their device.

The special 5-ink system is made to save your money and time as when an ink tank runs out you only need to replace that specific ink tank instead of a full cartridge.

It is labeled as “eco-conscious” as it can reduce paper and costs thanks to its additional Auto-Duplex feature that allows automatic double-sided printing.

Best Time-Saving Printer for Teachers: HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

We decided to add an extra model of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 printer among these 5 Best Printers for Teachers as it can do something all of us teachers need- it organizes documents and saves time thanks to its distinctive features and the HP Smart app included.


  • wireless printer
  • fast, high-quality printing
  • 35-page automatic document feeder
  • scans documents directly to a USB drive
  • HP Smart organizing app included
  • 8-month ink supply delivered to your door
  • Wi-Fi self-healing connectivity 
  • ENERGY STAR certified


This wireless printer is designed to save time. It offers fast printing at up to 20 pages per minute, and it allows you to scan documents directly to a USB drive that you just plug in. 

It includes a 35-page automatic document feeder that will elevate your productivity as you only need to set its functions and then carry on with other tasks.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 pairs with the HP Smart app that you can use to scan documents to email and print them directly from your smartphone or tablet. The app includes features like Smart Tasks that help you avoid repetitive tasks when organizing your documents.

Another benefit of this printer is that it comes with a code that you can use to get 8 months of ink for 100 pages per month, and you get it delivered to your door. Basically, you save ink, and again, you save time. Super convenient, right?

If connectivity issues appear, the printer has the ability to detect and resolve them through its built-in Wi-Fi self-healing connectivity.

printer is ENERGY STAR certified as it provides automatic two-sided print and it is made of up to 15% recycled plastic.

Best Pocket Printer for Teachers: Mothinessto Pocket Printer

This is an ultimately cute tech piece that might look like a toy printer. But! It’s actually a real one and teachers can use it in many creative ways. 

We think it deserves to be a part of this selection of Best Printers for Teachers, and we especially recommend it to language teachers and teachers of young students. 


  • compact, light, portable
  • great for classroom games and activities
  • economical; doesn’t require ink cartridges
  • clear printing
  • built-in lithium battery 
  • wireless Bluetooth connectivity


This portable printer is small, light, and easy to carry and store, so you can practically have it in your bag anytime you need it.

It has a built-in lithium battery and connects through wireless Bluetooth.

With you can print photos, lists, messages, labels and then use these in class for a multitude of interesting and practical activities like memory games, word guessing, etc.

It is a convenient and economical device that is supported by advanced thermal printing technology and doesn’t require ink cartridges. 

The high-resolution print head provides clear printing and solid performance. 

Last Words

Teachers who have printers notice improvements in their organizing skills and time management as they get more space for creative endeavors in the work and that is undoubtedly something worth investing in. So, choose your favorite printer today, to enjoy some stress relief tomorrow!

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