ESL Vocabulary Worksheet: Describing People (Elementary-Intermediate)

A worksheet to practice vocabulary in the context of describing people for beginner to intermediate ESL students. (Free download available.)

Woman Who Changed the World

You are going to learn and talk about 6 women heroes who had important roles in world history:

Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart, Frida Khalo, Sacagawea, Rosalind Franklin, and Rosa Parks. Do you know why these women are important?

Read and circle the correct adjectives that describe each women hero on the photos a-f.

Look at the photos and discuss them briefly with your teacher. Answer the questions in exercises A, B, and C below.

A. Activity: Multiple Choice Questions

  • Ada Lovelace was the world’s first computer programmer/ astronaut. She is young/ old.  She has got dark/ light hair and fair/ dark skin. She is wearing glasses/ flowers.
  • Amelia Earhart was the first pilot/ sailor who went across the Pacific. She is short/ tall and chubby/ slim. She is wearing casual/ formal clothes.
  • Frida Khalo is a Mexican poet/ painter. She has beautiful thick/ thin eyebrows. Her style is ordinary/ unique, and she is wearing a crown/ flowers in her hair.
  • Sacagawea was a nurse/ explorer on an expedition. Her hair is curly/ straight and her nose is short/ long. She is wearing modern/ traditional Native American clothes.
  • Rosalind Franklin was an architect/ a scientist. Her eyes are light/ dark, and she has long/ short hair. She is smiling/ frowning, and she is wearing gold/ pearls.
  • Rosa Parks was a lawyer/ an activist who fought for equal rights for African-Americans. She is middle-aged/ young. Her hair is blonde/ gray, and she is wearing a scarf/ sunglasses.

B. Activity: Presentation – My Woman Hero

Stick a photo of a woman hero that inspires you. Describe her in the blank lines below the photos, then present your work to the class and share why this woman is important to you.

Students can place their image here

This is ___________________________________________.

She is ___________________________________________________________




She inspires me because ___________________________________________


C. Activity: Guess Who?

This game has 4 attempts in total and 10 seconds per attempt. Tell your partner to secretly pick one of the 6 women heroes. Ask your partner the questions below until you guess their women hero. They may answer only with “YES” or “NO”.  

  1. Is your woman hero …. (young, slim, tall, etc.)?
  2. Has your women hero got… (short hair, long nose, etc.)?
  3. Is your women hero wearing… (glasses, pearls, casual clothes)?
  4. Is your women hero… (a scientist, an artist)?

Write down your and your partner’s score. The winner is the one who will answer the 4 attempts most quickly.

Download this worksheet in Word and PDF doc format (zipped).

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