Shape Names – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Teach the most common shape names to your learners – with our lovely illustrated ESL worksheets and flashcards, exclusively from JIMMYESL.

Kids – and likely adults, too – will love the “smiling shapes” and thus will be highly motivated to learn the new vocabulary and to complete the exercises in the worksheets.

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Shape Names Flashcards and Worksheets

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Worksheets: Use them for your lessons and share them with your fellow teachers. Details: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Illustrations: All rights reserved. Please contact us if you want to use them.

Free Worksheets Package

The free, downloadable and printable worksheet package includes the following resources:

  • Dictionary Poster
  • 32 Flashcards
  • Worksheet “Missing Letters”
  • Worksheet “Assign the Items”
  • Certificate of Achievement

Scroll down to get a detailed list of the included resources.

Common Shape Names: The Items List

The free worksheets include the vocabulary for these 32 shapes:


This picture frame is a square.


My TV is a rectangle.


The clock is a circle.


The rug is an oval.


Tortilla chips are triangles.


I use a semicircle ruler in maths class.


The moon is a crescent.


Rings are… ring shaped!


A heart is the shape of love.


A cross means no.


I like to fly kites.


Arrows show us the way.


Stars are bright.


Boxes are cubes.


Apples are spheres.


Pipes are cylinders.

right triangle

A right triangle has a 90 degree angle.

isosceles triangle

An isosceles triangle has 2 equal sides.

equilateral triangle

An equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides.

scalene triangle

A scalene triangle has all 3 sides at different lengths.


My eraser is a parallelogram.


Gold blocks have a trapezoid shape.


Rhombuses look like diamonds.


The pentagon is an important building in the USA.


Honeycombs are hexagons.


Heptagons have 7 sides.


Stop signs are octagons.


A polygon can have many sides of different sizes.


Bricks are used to make houses.


Cones are great to put ice-cream in!


The Egyptians built pyramids a long time ago.

triangular prism

A wedge of cheese is a triangular prism.

Shape Names: The Worksheets

Dictionary Poster

The Dictionary Poster lists all 32 names of the shapes. Print it and attach it to your classroom wall! – 2 pages

Poster Page 1
Poster Page 2

Printable Flashcards

Teach the shape names vocabulary with flashcards. – 32 flashcards

Printable Flashcards Page 1
Printable Flashcards Page 2

Worksheet: Missing Letters

Let your students fill in the missing letters to complete the shape names and color in the illustrations. – 2 pages, colored and black & white to color in

Black & White Worksheet Page 1
Colored Worksheet Page 2

Worksheet: Assign the Items

Let your students assign the shapes to their names by drawing lines. – – 2 pages, colored and black & white to color in

Black & White Worksheet Page 1
Colored Worksheet Page 2

Certification of Achievement

Reward your students for their effort with a personal printable certification. – 1 page


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