English Grammar Worksheets

Below you will find an assortment of English Grammar Worksheets. Whether for your class or a private lesson, you are bound to find plenty of free and easy to download worksheets and lessons on this page. The best part is that there is no need to register or give any information. Plus you can download most of these English grammar worksheets as either a Word or PDF file. You may edit, modify and reuse any of these English worksheets to your liking.

Word PDFCount and Non-Count NounsMake a grocery list
Word PDFCount and Non-Count NounsQuantifiers
Word PDFCount and Non-Count NounsParagraph using quantifiers.
Word PDFCount and Non-Count NounsUncountable nouns
Word PDFCount and Non-Count NounsCountable-uncountable
PDFCount and Non-Count NounsSome Or Any
PDFCount and Non-Count NounsA Lot, Lots of, Lot
Word PDFModal VerbsModal List Explanation
Word PDFModal VerbsQuestions With Modals
PDFModal VerbsMay and Might
PDFModal VerbsMust and Have
Word PDFModal VerbsShould-shouldn’t discussion images
Word PDFModal VerbsCan and Could Questionare
Word PDFModal VerbsDialogue with Modals
Word PDFConditionalsFirst Conditional
Word PDFConditionals2nd, 3rd Conditional Questions
Word PDFConditionalsI Wonder
Word PDFGerunds and InfinitivesGerunds & Infinitives List
Word PDFGerunds and InfinitivesGerunds & Infinitives Worksheet
Word PDFGerunds and InfinitivesGerunds Worksheet
PDFGerunds and InfinitivesAdjective + Preposition
Word PDFGerunds and InfinitivesInfinitive Sentence Patterns
Word PDFGerunds and InfinitivesLike + Gerund
Word PDFGerunds and InfinitivesClarifying Differences in Gerunds Infinitives
Word PDFPrepositionsFor and To
Word PDFPrepositionsPrepositions – at, in, on
Word PDFPrepositionsPrepositons of time practice
Word PDFPrepositionsList of verbs + prepositions
PDFPrepositionsPrepositions Worksheet
PDFComparatives and SuperlativesJob questionare-superlatives
Word PDFComparatives and SuperlativesComparative Questions
Word PDFComparatives and SuperlativesComparative examples
PDFAdjective ClausesAdjective clause examples
Word PDFArticles and ConjunctionsArticles explanation
Word PDFArticles and ConjunctionsArticles Worksheet-practice
Word PDFMiscellaneous Grammar and Vocabed and ing endings
PDFMiscellaneous Grammar and VocabPronunciation-ed-endings
PDFMiscellaneous Grammar and VocabEd Endings Pronunciation 2
Word PDFMiscellaneous Grammar and VocabUseful Expressions
PDFMiscellaneous Grammar and VocabSynonym list
PDFMiscellaneous Grammar and VocabAntonyms list
PDFMiscellaneous Grammar and VocabName every state in America
WordMiscellaneous Grammar and VocabTips for becoming Fluent in English in 6 months