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The Guide To Teaching English In Japan

Teaching English in Japan is very, very popular. Japan is called to be a safe, clean and well-organized country of friendly people. However, finding a teaching job there can a…

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How To Write an Upwork Proposal to Get High Paying Clients Quickly

What If I told you that there’s a surefire way to get high paying clients on Upwork, that requires no special skills, but writing the perfect Upwork proposal? You’d think…

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The Guide to Teach English in China

China is by far and away the number one destination to teach English abroad, with job opportunities for everyone. What are the requirements, how can you find a job and…

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How To Start An Online Business In Kenya

Starting an online business in Kenya is pretty easy. The technology available makes everything a no-brainer for the average young man willing to take this route. In fact, countless number…

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The 13 Rules for Being a Great ESL Teacher

The demand for ESL teachers throughout the world increases each year and teaching ESL has become a popular career among English speakers. The good news is: It’s not difficult to…

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not-ready business

7 Signs You Are So Not Ready to Run a Business (Yet)

Almost all new businesses fail within 8–12 months. That doesn’t mean that every one of these failed startups was founded on a bad idea, but it might mean that the…

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How To Teach English in Costa Rica, The Land Of “Pura Vida”

If you plan to teach English in Costa Rica, you arguably chose the best option in Central America. Not only does it have countless job opportunities, but the country is…

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How to Become an English Teacher (at Home and Abroad)

Teaching is considered one of the noblest and rewarding professions, and English teachers are in high demand. Are you interested in learning how to become an English teacher domestically or…

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Teaching English in Spain – The Ultimate Guide for ESL Teachers

Teaching English in Spain is one of the most popular options for ESL teachers to work in Europe. The sunny country is well-known for its culture and relaxed and friendly…

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The 7 Best Places To Teach English In Europe (In 2019)

Do you dream of living and teaching English in Europe? Europe undoubtedly has something to offer for everybody. Researching the 44 countries, and deciding which one to call home, is…

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The Expat Tax 101 for US Teachers Abroad

It’s always an exciting opportunity when one can go abroad to teach. You will have to say goodbye to beloved persons and things. But although you are leaving the continental…

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How to Use Active and Passive Voice

Passive voice is one of the most challenging parts of the English grammar for a number of students, and often for a good reason. In some languages, passive voice is…

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teach kids english online

7 Pro Tips on How to Teach English Online to Kids

Conducting successful online English lessons and engaging young students can be challenging. Which factors make or break an online ESL lesson? Many teaching strategies you’ve learned won’t work outside a…

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The Hassle-Free Sim Card in Japan for Foreign Teachers [Sponsored]

Sponsored post – Mobal now offers a hassle-free Softbank sim card in Japan for foreigners, with a special price for teachers. You’ve landed your dream teaching job in Japan. You’ve found…

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Find Online Jobs in Kenya (that Pay Through Mpesa)

Online jobs in Kenya are a lucrative way to make money from home and support your income. Find a list with legit online jobs here, that pay through Mpesa and…

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The 6 Reasons Why You Should Try Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad is an unforgettable experience. The new people that you meet, the new connections that you make, the amazing culture transition that you’re undergoing – they all add up…

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The 7 Best Online Jobs For Students

As a student, you’ll probably have to live a frugal life, unless you have rich parents. With online jobs, you can earn a little side income to pay your bills…

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Using The 5 Different Styles Of Learning To Make Lessons Fun

Fun, enjoyable ESL lessons that leave lasting impressions for students require teachers to understand the 5 different ways students learn. One way to create engaging lesson plans is to develop lessons with…

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10 Things You Should Know About The Chinese Education System

If you’re interested in getting some quick and accurate info on the Chinese Education System from the vantage point of a professional tutoring expert (with years of experience of teaching…

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Teaching English to Adults – The Pros and Cons

Maybe you’ve already been teaching for a few years and want to make a transition from teaching children to adults. Perhaps you’re a newbie with specific teaching preferences. You may…

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Teaching English to Children – The Pros and Cons

The vast majority of TEFL jobs are about teaching English to children and young learners. If you love kids, you can choose between thousands of jobs in language centers or…

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6 Ways to Find Home-Based Online English Tutoring Jobs

Home-Based online English tutoring jobs are a very convenient and profitable option to earn a side income. You can teach Chinese toddlers or help students preparing for their TOEFL –…

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The Guide on How to Create and Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

Looking to establish your own branded online teaching platform? In this post, you’ll learn all about how to create and sell online courses from your own website in just 10…

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Teaching English in China Without a Degree – is it Possible?

Being a native speaker and having at least a Bachelor’s degree: these are the most basic requirements to obtain a Chinese work visa for English teachers. Do you wonder if…

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