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Teaching English in Taiwan (The Country Guide)

Taiwan, an island nation with a population of 23 million, may be easy to miss on a map, but its small size belies a wealth of culture, food, natural beauty,…

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The Super-Comprehensive Starter Guide to Teaching English Online

Teaching English Online: The Super-Comprehensive Starter Guide Do you want to teach English online — to pad your income or work full-time, from home or location-independently while traveling? This massive…

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Yes, You Can Teach English In China, No Experience Needed!

Do you want to teach in China, but the idea of standing at the front of a classroom full of children who don’t speak your language makes you shake in…

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20 Engaging Business English Activities and Lesson Topics

For Business English students, it’s important that ESL lessons are based on the needs of their day to day work. They want to practice situations taken from their real professional lives.…

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The 7 Best Places to Teach English in Latin America (in 2019)

Been dreaming of living somewhere in Latin America while teaching English? There’s a flavor for everyone. Choosing a country within this fascinating region is quite the task. This post lists…

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Teaching English in Shenzhen: The City Guide

If you’ve decided to teach English in China, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of English teaching jobs available. In Shenzhen, maybe one of the biggest city you’ve…

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7 Easy ESL Speaking Activities to Practice With Teens or Adults

Every language teacher knows that speaking is a core skill to teach and practice, but sometimes it can be challenging to come up with creative or engaging ESL speaking activities.…

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The Guide to Teaching English in Germany

Thinking of teaching English abroad? Germany might not be the first European country that comes to mind, but maybe it should be! What you will find in this article is…

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The Guide to Teaching English in South Korea

Annyeonghaseyo! If you are considering teaching English in South Korea, you are picking one of the prime locations in Asia for making money and having awesome adventures. Korea is packed…

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How to Teach English Online with VIPKID: The Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking for an easy, interactive way to earn money online, consider teaching English with VIPKID. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection, set your own schedule,…

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Are You Scared of Having to Work Too Hard to Create a Lesson Plan? Here’s the Secret…

Are you overwhelmed with the time and effort it takes to plan your teaching lessons? If so, this article is for you. Teaching does not have to be as stressful…

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The Guide To Teaching English In Japan

Teaching English in Japan is very, very popular. Japan is called to be a safe, clean and well-organized country of friendly people. However, finding a teaching job there can a…

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The Guide to Teach English in China

China is by far and away the number one destination to teach English abroad, with job opportunities for everyone. What are the requirements, how can you find a job and…

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The 13 Rules for Being a Great ESL Teacher

The demand for ESL teachers throughout the world increases each year and teaching ESL has become a popular career among English speakers. The good news is: It’s not difficult to…

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How To Teach English in Costa Rica, The Land Of “Pura Vida”

If you plan to teach English in Costa Rica, you arguably chose the best option in Central America. Not only does it have countless job opportunities, but the country is…

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How to Become an English Teacher (at Home and Abroad)

Teaching is considered one of the noblest and rewarding professions, and English teachers are in high demand. Are you interested in learning how to become an English teacher domestically or…

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Teaching English in Spain – The Ultimate Guide for ESL Teachers

Teaching English in Spain is one of the most popular options for ESL teachers to work in Europe. The sunny country is well-known for its culture and relaxed and friendly…

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The 7 Best Places To Teach English In Europe (In 2019)

Do you dream of living and teaching English in Europe? Europe undoubtedly has something to offer for everybody. Researching the 44 countries, and deciding which one to call home, is…

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The Expat Tax 101 for US Teachers Abroad

It’s always an exciting opportunity when one can go abroad to teach. You will have to say goodbye to beloved persons and things. But although you are leaving the continental…

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How to Use Active and Passive Voice

Passive voice is one of the most challenging parts of the English grammar for a number of students, and often for a good reason. In some languages, passive voice is…

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teach kids english online

7 Pro Tips on How to Teach English Online to Kids

Conducting successful online English lessons and engaging young students can be challenging. Which factors make or break an online ESL lesson? Many teaching strategies you’ve learned won’t work outside a…

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The Hassle-Free Sim Card in Japan for Foreign Teachers [Sponsored]

Sponsored post – Mobal now offers a hassle-free Softbank sim card in Japan for foreigners, with a special price for teachers. You’ve landed your dream teaching job in Japan. You’ve found…

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The 6 Reasons Why You Should Try Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad is an unforgettable experience. The new people that you meet, the new connections that you make, the amazing culture transition that you’re undergoing – they all add up…

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Using the 5 Different Styles of Learning To Make Lessons Fun

Fun, enjoyable ESL lessons that leave lasting impressions for students require teachers to understand the 5 different ways students learn. One way to create engaging lesson plans is to develop lessons with…

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