ESL Vocabulary Worksheet: Let’s Go Shopping (Elementary-Intermediate)

You are going to learn about the types of shops and how to communicate when you go shopping.

Think about the last time you entered a shop and the things you bought. What shop was it? What did you buy? Share briefly with the class, then do exercises A, B, and C.

A. Exercise: Vocabulary

Match images (1-9) with the correct words (A-I), then fill in the gaps.

A.croissant___            B.acquarium___         C.aspirin___       D.internet___ E.bouquet___ F. watermelon___       G.tuna fillet___           H.meatballs___           I.magazine___                    

Fill in the gaps of the sentences with the correct words from the above exercise.

  1. If you want to buy ____________, you have to go to the florist’s.
  2. We don’t have that dress in the shop, but you can order it from our ____________.
  3. Let’s buy a croissant with apricot jam from the  ____________.
  4. There are fresh tomatoes at the  ____________.
  5. The fishmonger’s in my village doesn’t have  ____________.

B. Exercise: Dialogue

Match the phrases (A-H) with the phrases (1-8) to create a dialogue between a customer and a shop assistant.

  1. You’re welcome. Will that be all?  ____                  
  2. Yes, it is right next to the tomato sauce. ____
  3. How can I help you? ____
  4. Yes, we do. Here you are.  ____
  5. That’s £ 12. You pay in cash or by card?  ____
  6. Do you need a bag, maybe?  ____
  7. Alright. Thank you! Goodbye!  ____
  8.  Fresh or dry?  ____  
  1. I’m looking for pasta.
  2. Yes. How much is that in total? 
  3. Excellent! I’ll take one jar. 
  4. Fresh, please. Do you have any linguini?
  5. Thanks! One more thing… Do you have any red pesto?
  6. Okay. By card, please. 
  7. No, thanks, I have my own bag.
  8. Thanks! Bye! 

Rewrite the dialogue from Exercise 1 in the right order, then act it out with your partner.


C. Exercise: Shopping Game

Play a game in which you will be the shop assistant in the shops and your partner will be the customer who is trying to save money and buy all the products they need. Take a shopping card from your teacher and revise the shops and the products with prices on the card.

Write a shopping list for your partner. List 3-5 items and the total budget they can use while shopping.  Act out the shopping scene in front of the class, then swap roles.


Download this worksheet in Word and PDF doc format (zipped)

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