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Browse our complete archive of blog posts written by ESL teachers and education industry experts, including advice about teaching English abroad, teaching English online, and tons of tips and resources for the ESL classroom.


The Guide To Teach English in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand – this sounds like living and working in a place where others spend their vacation. However, the job market is competitive and opportunities for newbie teachers…


Interview: What It’s Really Like to Teach English In China

ESL program descriptions, salary and benefit breakdowns, job requirements, and articles on life in China are all phenomenal resources to turn to while researching your big idea to teach English…


The Pros And Cons Of Being An ESL Teacher in China

In the social media, internet lighting speed world we live in, it is becoming very difficult to decipher fact from fiction when you’re thumbing through your newsfeed or browsing the…


Can Non-Native Speakers Teach English Abroad?

Most language schools prefer teachers from so-called native English speaking countries. If you don’t have the right passport, you will have a hard time finding a teaching job abroad. Is…


China’s Z Work Visa: How To Get A Visa To Teach English In China (Legally)

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Great Wall of China? Why don’t you stay for a while on the right side of the Wall? There’s a real possibility to…


Teaching ESL in India: What You Need To Know

As a practically native-English-speaking country, India may not be on top of your “teach English in…” list. Paid opportunities are rare, but you can teach English in India as a…


Teaching English in Sri Lanka (As A Volunteer)

This will be a little different from the usual EFL teaching abroad articles. For one thing, the post I am talking about is a volunteer post. “Why should I volunteer…


5 Pro Tips To Pass A Skype Interview (When You Apply For ESL Jobs In Asia)

When you apply for an ESL teaching job in Asia, most likely you will have to pass a Skype interview with a recruiter. You will not only have to overcome…


Teaching English Abroad at an International School

I’ve worked in the ESL field for a little while now and it has its ups and downs. Every position has its good points and bad. I have experience in…


Humor: The Key To Teaching English As A Second Language

There are a variety of methods and recommendations for teaching English as a Second Language. The prevailing one is the communicative approach, which aims for a targeted language (e.g. grammar)…


Is 34 Too Old To Teach English Abroad?

I am seriously considering teaching English abroad again for one year. The idea is to save money teaching, but also live abroad while I am still young. The keyword is…

Five Cardinal Rules For Getting Hired As An English Teacher Abroad

At any given time, there are over 250,000 Westerners teaching English abroad. China alone will need 100,000 teachers by 2015 to meet its rapid demand for English education. There is…


The Guide To Teaching English in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are looking to make money teaching English and live in the comforts of modern society, the United Arab Emirates might be your next stop. Nestled in the Middle East,…


How To Teach English In Turkey

While Asia and Latin America comprise the vast majority of English teaching positions, there are several other countries that remain reliable places for finding teaching jobs. Turkey is one of…


Teaching ESL in the United States

The common perception is that English is taught in foreign countries by backpackers fresh out of university. However, there are a number of jobs to be had to teach English…


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