How to Get a Job Teaching English Abroad with Let’s TEFL

Which TEFL course will help me to land my first teaching job abroad?

This is probably your most important question when it comes to deciding on your TEFL course.

There are many options, but not all deliver the same standard of training, and very few go the extra mile to help you find work after the course. 

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lets tefl 120-hour online course

If you want to get certified completely online at affordable cost, the Let’s TEFL course is our top recommendation.

Here’s how they do things differently:

Teaching English Abroad - How to Get a Job with Let's TEFL

Employability Training

After completing your 120-hour TEFL course, Let’s TEFL also provide an additional free short course that gives extra training for completing your resumes, introduction videos, and preparing for interviews.

These are things that are increasingly important to get right as the ESL industry gets more competitive.

Schools expect teachers to have a good resume, to perform well in interviews, to have introduction videos, and to know how to deliver a good demonstration class.

The Let’s TEFL Employability Training Curriculum

This short course comes with a downloadable resume template, along with detailed guidance on how to customize it for yourself. 

You might think it’s easy to create a resume, but when it comes to teaching English, recruiters look for specific things, and if they don’t see them within 20 seconds of opening the resume, they’ll likely move on to the next one.

Resume template for ESL teachers, from Let’s TEFL
Resume template for ESL teachers

It also shows you how to analyze job adverts, and then adapt your resume to specifically target the recruiter who posted it.

Training module on resume writing for ESL teachers
Training module about resume writing

This is an expert tip that most people don’t do!

And it also shares insight on how to prepare for interviews after you’ve wowed them with your resume.

Training module about job interview questions

With this additional guidance, you’ll ensure that you have a solid foundation from which to launch your job search.

Spending a little bit extra time and getting some expert insight can help to save a lot of effort further down the line.

Want to teach English online, too?

The Let’s TEFL course has a dedicated online teacher training module included! Qualify to work as an online ESL tutor.

Personal Support

Unlike a lot of online TEFL courses, Let’s TEFL have experienced teachers available to chat with on their website for an average of 16 hours each day – even at the weekends!

This means that if you have any questions about your job search, or if you need any advice, they’ll usually be able to help you out. 

Personal tutor support via the live chat

This includes reviewing your resume, introduction video, and demo class video so that you can be sure they’re all perfect before sending them off to potential schools.

Having a professional eye look over your documents before sending them can be the difference between getting an interview or not. 

Let’s TEFL Course Info

Let’s TEFL provides a comprehensive, accredited 120-hours online training course.

It comes with a great bunch of benefits and extra services and is available for an unrivaled price of $199 now!

Learn more about the course details here.

Support for Non-Native Speakers

Teaching English overseas as a non-native English speaker can be more difficult.

With Let’s TEFL they’ll help to personally comb through your qualifications and help to advise you on your possible options for safe and legal work overseas.

Their team can usually provide guidance for how you could secure teaching work in most popular destinations around the world — whether you’re aiming to teach in Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, Cambodia, or elsewhere!

Job Placements

Let’s TEFL have an extensive network of partner schools which they provide job placements with. 

Unlike most companies and agencies which you’ll see online, Let’s TEFL have their own representative office in Asia which oversees their job placements.

Happy ESL Teacher in the classroom with Chinese little kids

As they have a regional office there, they’re able to meet with schools, build stronger ties with them, and filter out any which don’t meet their high standards.

Other companies have to rely on their gut instinct when partnering with schools, and often will never visit any of the schools themselves. 

At the moment they have public and private partner schools in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, which they provide direct placements with.

As they’re experts with the visa processes for these countries, they can also give you guidance with applying for your visas and work permits.

Let’s TEFL can also help you to get jobs teaching English online. Learn more here.

Placements in China

China ranks at the top of most peoples’ lists when it comes to working overseas. However, getting a legal Z visa in China, and finding work at a legitimate school is no easy task. 

Let’s TEFL help you tame the Chinese dragon, and get started legally and safely, with placements available around the country. 

Apply for placement in China

Watch the video to get some impressions of the Let’s TEFL teacher placements in China:

Placements in Korea

With a broad range of placements available around Korea, you’re likely to find a placement that suits you well.

Let’s TEFL works with public schools, and private language centers, providing a variety of options when it comes to teaching — including teaching adults.

You can expect to be met at the airport by the school, and taken your accommodation — paid for by the school, and to be given help opening your bank accounts and getting set up with life there.

Apply for placement in Korea

Placements in Taiwan

Taiwan is a true hidden gem when it comes to the teaching scene in Asia.

With great wages, a clean environment, and some of the lowest crime rates across Asia, it’s a mystery why Taiwan isn’t more famous for its teaching scene.

One of the reasons could be that positions here rarely include accommodation, so teachers need to battle through that themselves after arriving in the country.

However, with Let’s TEFL, that’s something you don’t need to do on your own.

They have local Mandarin speakers on their team which can help you to find great leads for apartments, and even check through your contracts before you sign anything.

Apply for placement in Taiwan

Placements in Japan

Most people think of Tokyo when Japan comes to mind — a crazy, hectic, futuristic megacity. While that’s certainly a big part of Japan, it’s only a small area of the Japanese archipelago.

Let’s TEFL have partner schools with locations all around Japan – from the snowy mountains of Hokkaido, through the cities of central Japan, and right down to the beach islands of Okinawa. 

As a bonus, most of their placements in Japan also come with additional classroom training before starting your own lessons!

Apply for placement in Japan

Qualify to Teach English Abroad Now

Get TEFL certified with Let’s TEFL and receive full support for landing your first English teaching job — get the best deal now!


Whether you’re looking for job placement in the countries listed above or wanting to try somewhere else, Let’s TEFL’s course and support will set you on the right track for success.

But don’t take our word for it, you can read the testimonials below:


Sandra from Spain is teaching English in Vietnam

Being a non-native English speaker, I was scared that they wouldn’t accept me or that I wouldn’t pass it, but Let’s TEFL had a special section on their website with plenty of helpful information for non-native speakers, which helped me make up my mind about getting a TEFL certificate.

Sandra is a non-native English teacher from Spain. She recently completed her TEFL course with Let’s TEFL and is currently teaching English in Vietnam.


Jan from the Philippines is teaching English online

It was a breeze to follow the course and a rewarding experience. It was easy to see that the curriculum developers knew their stuff. They applied methods that you study in the TEFL course into motivating its students. The course has a good pace, quiz markets, and reward systems to keep you on track.

Jan from the Philippines recently completed his TEFL course with Let’s TEFL and is now teaching online with Palfish.

Wrap-up: Job Guidance from Let’s TEFL

  • Employability training course, including modules on resume writing, interview questions, making intro videos and conducting demo classes
  • 16/7 personal tutor support in the live chat or via email
  • Special support for non-native English teachers
  • Hand-selected job placements in many Asian countries. Strong connections with partner schools through our regional office.

Learn more about the course details here.

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