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The 13 Rules for Being a Great ESL Teacher


The demand for ESL teachers throughout the world increases each year and teaching ESL has become a popular career among English speakers. The good news is: It’s not difficult to become an ESL teacher. However, being a great ESL teacher certainly is. How do you know that YOU are a great teacher – and make…

How to Use Active and Passive Voice


Passive voice is one of the most challenging parts of the English grammar for a number of students, and often for a good reason. In some languages, passive voice is not used as often as in English or is used in a different way. For ESL students, the first difficult step is to determine whether…

The Hassle-Free Sim Card in Japan for Foreign Teachers [Sponsored]

Sponsored post – Mobal now offers a hassle-free Softbank sim card in Japan for foreigners, with a special price for teachers. You’ve landed your dream teaching job in Japan. You’ve found a place to live. Now all you need is to get your smartphone up and running and live life as it should be – online…

6 Ways to Find Home-Based Online English Tutoring Jobs


Home-Based online English tutoring jobs are a very convenient and profitable option to earn a side income. You can teach Chinese toddlers or help students preparing for their TOEFL – the possibilities are endless. But the competition is quite high. How do you market yourself, find students and fill your schedule? This post explicates six…

7 Options That Teachers Can Use to Make Money on the Side


Teaching is surely one of the most recognized professions. Unfortunately, not one of the best-paid ones. Are you looking for a side job to cover living expenses or afford some extras? In this post, you’ll find seven practical ideas for side jobs for teachers. Teaching abroad is an enriching, rewarding and life-changing experience. You’re given…

The Guide To Teach English in Thailand


Teaching English in Thailand – this sounds like living and working in a place where others spend their vacation. However, the job market is competitive and opportunities for newbie teachers are limited. In this post, you’ll learn how to get off to a good start to teach English in Thailand. A TV documentary or your…

Can Non-Native Speakers Teach English Abroad?


Most language schools prefer teachers from so-called native English speaking countries. If you don’t have the right passport, you will have a hard time finding a teaching job abroad. Is this kind of discrimination in the ESL industry justified? What can non-native speakers do about that? This post discusses both sides of the medal and…

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