ESL Writing Exercise: Creating Complex Sentences: Las Vegas (Intermediate-Advanced)

Exercise to practice writing for ESL teachers and students. (Free download available.)

Writing Practice

Change the simple sentences to one complex sentence. Then create one paragraph. Use conjunctions, adjective clauses, noun clauses, etc. when appropriate. Do not repeat words. Use gerunds when possible, or change the words in order to use gerunds.

  1. Las Vegas is in Nevada. It is in the western part of the United States.
  2. It is a popular city. It is visited by millions of people every year. These people are eager to gamble their hard-earned money.
  3. The population of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area is around 2.5 million people. The population continues to grow. People usually think Las Vegas is a smaller city.
  4. Most people are not born in Las Vegas. Most Las Vegas residents come from other states.
  5. Las Vegas residents enjoy many activities. They like to go to bars, clubs and shopping malls. Some people also like to hike in the surrounding desert.
  6. People from Las Vegas are crazy. They should be avoided at all times.


Download this worksheet in PDF format.

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