School & Classroom Objects – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Teach English vocabulary related to school objects or classroom objects to your students – with our lovely illustrated ESL worksheets and flashcards, exclusively from JIMMYESL.

Kids – and likely adults, too – will love the “smiling items” and thus will be highly motivated to learn the new vocabulary and to complete the exercises in the worksheets.

Reward your students with a personal Certification of Achievement after taking the lesson!

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Classroom objects flashcards and worksheets for ESL lessons

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Worksheets: Use them for your lessons and share them with your fellow teachers. Details: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Stand-alone Illustrations: All rights reserved. Please contact us if you want to use them.

Free Worksheets Package

The free, downloadable and printable worksheet package includes the following resources:

  • Dictionary Poster
  • 32 Flashcards
  • Worksheet “Missing Letters”
  • Worksheet “Assign the Items”
  • Certificate of Achievement

Things Found in the Classroom

The free worksheets include the vocabulary for these 32 classroom objects:


I pack my schoolbag in the morning.


I sit on a chair.


I work at the table.


The teacher sits at the desk.


The questions are on the blackboard.


I read my book.


I keep my work in my folder.


I take notes in my notebook.


I write on the paper.


I use my pencil to write.

pencil case

I keep my stationery in my pencil case.

pencil sharpener

I use a pencil sharpener when my pencil is blunt.


I use a rubber when I make a mistake.

color pencils

It’s fun to use color pencils.

ballpoint pen

I sometimes write with a ballpoint pen.


A highlighter makes it easy to find parts of a sentence.


I use crayons to color my pictures.


Paint can be fun but very messy!


I use a paintbrush to paint.


Scissors help me cut things.


The teacher stamps my work when it is finished.


A ruler tells me how long things are.


Glue helps me stick things together.


A compass makes it easy to draw a circle.


We use pins to stick things to the board.


Tape can also be used to stick things together.


I use the computer to search the internet.


A calculator makes it easier to add big numbers.


We can see big pictures using the projector.


A map shows different places.


I use a clock to tell the time.


All of my tasty food is in my lunchbox.

Classroom Objects: The Worksheets

Dictionary Poster

The Dictionary Poster lists all 32 school and classroom objects. Print it and attach it to your classroom wall! – 2 pages

Poster Page 1
Poster Page 2

Printable Flashcards

Teach school & classroom objects vocabulary with flashcards. – 32 flashcards

Printable Flashcards Page 1
Printable Flashcards Page 2

Worksheet: Missing Letters

Let your students fill in the missing letters to complete the item names and color in the illustrations. – 2 pages, colored and black & white to color in

Black & White Worksheet Page 1
Colored Worksheet Page 2

Worksheet: Assign the Items

Let your students assign the items to their names by drawing lines. – – 2 pages, colored and black & white to color in

Black & White Worksheet Page 1
Colored Worksheet Page 2

Certification of Achievement

Reward your students for their effort with a personal printable certification. – 1 page


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