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Posts by Jonathan Race

150 ESL Conversation Starters and Questions (The Essential List)

ESL Conversation Starters -- the list

Do you want your students to be excited to speak with you in English? Do you want to make sure you always know where the conversation is going and what to say next? You need engaging content, interesting conversation starters, and questions that really reel them in. This list of 150 ESL conversation starters will…

33 Sure-Fire Strategies & Activities for Teaching English Grammar

teaching English grammar

Grammar… how do we teach it? Is it just reciting monotonously from a textbook and hoping that the students are on board? Can we make it more interactive and dare I say, even fun? Read on and find out yourself! Whether you’re new to teaching English (ESL) or are just looking for new ways to…

15 Fun ESL Vocabulary Games to Teach Kids and Adults


What are your methods for teaching vocabulary? Drills? Flashcards? Yuck! Boring! While these can certainly be effective, they can be a quick way to lose your student’s attention if you spend too much time on them in a class. So what can you do then? The answer? Play some fun ESL vocabulary games with them!…

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