About JimmyESL

JimmyESL is one of the leading and most trusted independent websites about teaching English as a foreign/second language abroad or domestically. TEFL, TESL and TESOL are more or less congruent acronyms for this topic, while TEFL is the most common by far.

This website not only intends to provide useful information about teaching English abroad, but aims to give information that is accurate, reliable and realistic.  In addition to free worksheets, a full array of TEFL Job Listings, and job posting functionality,  the bulk of JimmyESL is devoted to the ‘Teach English Abroad Blog‘. Here you will find numerous articles on teaching English in all parts of the world. A great deal of the articles are dedicated to Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, South Korea, Colombia and Thailand. However, you can also find valuable information on teaching English in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Although JimmyESL does recieve some profit sharing from affiliate marketing and by selling adspace, this is not a marketing blog. This site is committed to providing real, accurate, raw and truthful information about teaching English abroad, from authors who personally worked as an English teacher. Teaching abroad can be an amazing experience, but it is not for everyone, nor is it exempt from the nuances of life. Nowhere in this site will you find articles or write-ups sugar-coating the realities of teaching English overseas. While teaching English can be a rewarding job and a means to experince another culture, it is not without it’s headaches, bumps and bruises. Of course, that is part of the overall experience of teaching and living in a foreign country.

JimmyESL was started in the Spring of 2014 by a then experienced TEFL/ESL teacher. The founder of this website, spent four years teaching English in Japan from 2007 to 2011 and then taught ESL in Washington DC from 2011 to 2015. From beginning of 2018 JimmyESL has a new owner, who will continue and develop this website in the spirit of the owner.