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Table Of Contents

Choose the Answer

Read the sentences and choose the answer that has the closest meaning to the underlined phrase.

That movie was nothing to write home about. The ending left a lot to be desired.

a. amazing
b. terrible
c. nothing special
d. nothing I could understand

a. was interesting
b. was unsatisfying
c. was stupid
d. was what I wanted

Why are you talking about politics? We’re discussing our relationship. What you are saying has no bearing on this conversation.

a. is similar to
b. isn’t interesting to us in
c. has information useful for
d. is completely unrelated to

I saw her cheating on the test, but I didn’t say anything to the teacher and she got away with it. She got an A and I got a C. I should have said something!

a. did very well on
b. did something bad and wasn’t punished for
c. did badly on
d. was happy about

Jennifer says that Lou quit his job and moved to Italy, but as far as I know he’s still working for General Motors in Detroit.

a. I don’t think
b. I’m sure
c. the information I have is
d. it’s possible

A lot of people didn’t like Inception because they didn’t understand it. As far as I’m concerned, however, it was a fascinating movie.

a. for everybody
b. for me
c. because of that
d. I’m worried that

When our kids lose a tooth, they put it under their pillow and during the night we take it and put money in its place. As far as the kids are concerned, it’s the Tooth Fairy.

a. the kids believe is
b. what we say to the kids is
c. we think
d. the kids don’t think that

From my standpoint, Obama is a much better president than Romney would be, but from your point of view, Romney would do better with the economy. This is a bone of contention between us. How can I get through to you that you should vote for Obama? All of Romney’s plans and explanations don’t hold water.

a. What I think is
b. It’s a fact that
c. I don’t believe
d. When I stand up

a. in your opinion
b. you don’t think
c. it’s crazy to say
d. the point of this conversation is

a. a problem for the country
b. nothing to argue about
c. something we can agree on
d. something we disagree about

a. surprise you
b. convince you
c. fight you
d. tell you

a. are great
b. are terrible
c. don’t make sense
d. don’t work in the rain

Look, I was only fifteen minutes late. We can still see the movie. We’re only going to miss the previews, so we’ll still get our money’s worth. Don’t blow this out of proportion. It’s not the end of the world. When you get upset about something small, you really drive me up the wall.

a. get our money back
b. get a good value for our money c. spend a lot of money
d. work hard

a. make a mistake
b. explode
c. exaggerate
d. make an excuse

a. make me crazy
b. make me happy
c. take me home
d. drive your car


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