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Get TEFL certified to qualify to teach English abroad or online at an affordable price.

With the accredited Let’s TEFL 120-hour online course you can earn your certificate in 2-4 weeks. It includes free certificate shipping, lifetime job placement service and a lot of other benefits. They offer outstanding personal support throughout the course and job search.

Let’s TEFL has a 97% rating on GoOverseas and 9,5/10 on GoAbroad.

It is now available for an unrivaled, discounted price of $199 (instead of $499). Book today and start your ESL teaching career.

Let'S TEFL Online Course

One TEFL Course. Endless Opportunities

The ultimate Let’s TEFL 120-hour online course was created using over ten years of teaching experience all over the world.  Let’s TEFL provides all the insight you will need to start and succeed in your teaching career and supports you to find a job, for a lifetime! This all comes in one concise package with a “job placement or money back” guarantee!

120-hour Online Course

The comprehensive TEFL course including everything you need.

Accredited by WTEFLAC

Recognized by employers and immigration offices.

Job Placement Guaranteed

Get hired in one of our partner schools or receive a full refund.

Highly Recommended

A fantastic 97% rating from graduates on Go Overseas.

Experienced Online Tutors

Personal support whenever you have a question.

CV & Interview Training

Take our short course and learn how to land your dream job.

Support for Non-Natives

We provide special guidance to improve your career chances.

Paper Copy Certificate

Free international shipping of the hard copy certificate.

Buy the Let’s TEFL Online Course and Get 60% Off

The accredited 120-hour Let’s TEFL online course is available for an unrivaled price! Buy it now and secure your 60% off discount!

11 Reasons Why the Let’s TEFL 120-Hour Online Course is Your Perfect Choice

1. 120-hours of Essential Training

To start with, Let’s TEFL provide one single course option – a TEFL 120-hour online course. They do this as that’s what generally recognized around the world by schools and visa departments. 40/60/80 hour online courses are seen as a bit of a gimmick, and can’t be used when applying for work permits in countries such as China.
Similarly, online courses which provide 150/200/300 hours of online training often come under criticism for being padded with materials and worksheets which offer little additional value to a new teacher – there’s only so much you can learn online before it’s time to put your new skills into action.

That’s why Let’s TEFL offer a single option – an accredited 120-hour TEFL course – which you can’t go wrong with.

Read Let’s TEFL course details


2. Money-back job placement guarantee

With a combined 15 years of experience in the ESL industry, the team at Let’s TEFL has extensive connections with partner schools in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Vietnam and more.
As long as you meet the visa requirements to teach in these countries, they’ll guarantee you a placement with their partner schools. If they aren’t able to find you a job you’ll get a full refund and you’ll keep your valid TEFL certificate, along with access to their graduate services.

They only work with trusted partner schools which are used to welcoming new teachers and ensure their graduates stay free from unreputable or scam schools.

Oh – and did we mention that’s a lifetime job placement service?!

Find more info about job placement guarantee.


3. Recognized by Employers & Accredited by WTEFLAC

The course has been accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC). WTEFLAC is an internationally respected organization which awards their seal of accreditation to worthy TEFL course providers.

Thanks to this accreditation the course is recognized by employers around the world as a high-quality TEFL course and can be used for visa applications in countries such as China and Vietnam.

WTEFLAC thoroughly checks course materials, learning and examination methods, tutor experience, business registration details, admissions policies, and code of conduct to ensure that course providers meet their strict standards. Only those which pass are able to put their seal of accreditation on their course certificates.

Learn more about course accreditation


4. Support From Experienced Online Tutors

To help guide you through the course, you’ll also get support from their experienced tutors – all of which have a minimum of three years of overseas teaching experience!

They’re there to help you whenever you have questions with the course materials, and can also provide guidance on wider issues – what it’s like to live and teach overseas, how can you find apartments, what to do with visas, additional career guidance and more.

Ask your questions and chat with a tutor now.


5. Downloadable Resume and Interview Guide

After you finish your TEFL 120-hour online course, you’ll also have access to an additional short course which provides guidance for landing an awesome job.

You’ll get access to their downloadable resume template, along with guidance for filling it out with info that recruiters look for, and you’ll also learn how to pass interviews and demo classes with ease.

Get free access to the job training course for a limited time


Buy the Let’s TEFL Course – with Money-Back Guarantee

Buy the 120-hour Let’s TEFL online course now and secure your 60% off discount! Money-back job placement guarantee included!

6. Convenient Online Training

Being able to log in and study whenever you have free time is a great advantage. Having work/college/family commitments are obstacles which make it difficult for many people to earn their TEFL certificates through in-class courses.

This is where Let’s TEFL’s online course can be massively convenient. You can log in and study whenever you have free time, and better yet, you can even study your TEFL course via your tablet or even smartphone!

If you’re relying on studying solely through your tablet or smartphone, you can even submit your final assessment at the end of the course by writing it down on paper and uploading a photograph to be sent for marking.


7. Digital and Hard Copy Certificates

After completing the course you receive a digital copy of your certificate immediately, and a hard copy will be sent to you via recorded delivery.

It’s important to have a hard copy of your original stamped and signed TEFL certificate so that it can be easily used for visa and job applications. Turning up to a job with a home-printed copy of your certificate is a big no-no!

Let’s TEFL’s certificates come with your reference number to verify authenticity, and information about the course and range of modules covered.

There’s also no additional fees or charges for having your certificate shipped around the world.


8. Highly Recommended

It’s always good to check alumni reviews before purchasing anything, and the Let’s TEFL 120-hour online course has plenty of positive reviews from graduates on Go Overseas and Go Abroad:

Convenient, quick, and excellent support

I spent a while looking at different online courses and chose to enroll with Let’s TEFL as every time I had a question they replied almost instantly. Even if their tutors were offline when I left a message asking for a breakdown of the course modules I got an email back within a couple of hours. This support was really handy throughout the rest of the course and even up to today they’ve been helping me to get my resume together in preparation for applying for their job placement in Sichuan, China.

I was a little apprehensive about standing facing a whole class of students as it seems a bit daunting, but after learning how to really prepare for a lesson, and how to get the students to do the work it’s been great and I’ve been practicing with some family and friends without a problem. Being able to talk with experienced tutors who have actually been and taught in Asia has also helped to settle my nerves a lot and now I’m really looking forward to starting.

David Lawson – Bradford, UK


Thank you for my certificate and for helping me to find a job so fast!

Completing all of the lessons and quizzes took about 3 weeks. All I did was to study the materials and make notes just like reading through the textbooks during school and uni. Then I waited for the weekend before attempting the final exam and assignment. I passed the exam first time, but for the assignment where you must create a lesson plan, I needed two attempts.

The first time I completely missed the point of the lesson plan, but Justin gave me some really helpful feedback and set me straight. I passed the second attempt with 93/100 and received a copy of the certificate and my assignment feedback by email the same day. The certificate hard copy took about 7 days to arrive, and it also came with my marked assignment.

While I was waiting for the certificate to arrive I also completed the extra course they have for getting ready for interviews and class demos. When I finished that, Justin from Let’s TEFL helped to arrange an interview for me with two schools in China, and this week I have just signed a contract with one of them. 🙂 Now they are helping me to get my visa prepared before I fly to China in August.

Up to now, the whole process has been surprisingly smooth and stress-free. I’m very happy to give my full endorsement to Let’s TEFL and would like to thank Justin particularly for the support he’s given.

Val Sanchez – Adelaide, Australia.


9. Support for Non-Native English Speakers

It can be difficult for non-native speakers (people without a UK/US/CAN/IRE/AUS/NZ/SA passport) to get a fair shot when it comes to teaching English – regardless of their language skills.

With Let’s TEFL they allow people from all backgrounds to earn their TEFL certificate, on the basis that they’re able to show English language fluency.

They also provide guidance for non-native course enrollees as to where they can/can’t legally work, and what they can do to stand a fair chance against others.


10. Certificate Notarization Service

Notarization is an important process which involves having a recognized court official signing a declaration of the authenticity of certificates and other documents.

When applying for work visas in countries such as China, they may require you to have your TEFL certificate notarized.

To save you the inconvenience of taking your certificate to a Notary Public, Let’s TEFL can do that for you. You simply pay the $25 charged by their local Notary Public, and they’ll do the service for you with no additional processing fees.


11. Fast results

Most people finish the course in between 3-4 weeks, depending on how much free time they have available. If you’re short of time express marking and certificate shipping options are also available – often free of charge.

The Let’s TEFL 120-hour online course makes your first steps towards a teaching career a breeze. If you are a motivated person who is eager to learn, you will land your first teaching job abroad in no time.


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Accredited TEFL 120-hour online course
Money-back job placement guarantee
Personal support from experienced tutors
Free CV and interview training
Free paper copy certificate and shipping
Near-perfect alumni reviews
Special guidance for non-natives

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