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Classroom & Teacher Supplies

best laptops for teachers

The Best Laptops for Teachers: The Definitive Buying Guide

What would a teacher’s life be like without a laptop? For most teachers, it’s their #1 tool. They use it to draft their worksheets, show videos in the classroom, research…

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Great Classroom Rugs to Make Learning Fun for Young Students

Classroom rugs are must-have accessories for any kindergarten and preschool. They’re the center of the classroom — the focal point of the room, and where students gather to for circle…

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5 Roomy and Durable Teacher Bags You Will Love

As a teacher, it is important to have a bag that’s reliable, organized, and sturdy. Have you ever gotten to school and realized you forgot to bring anything to write…

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Classroom Management Tips

ESL classroom expectations

Setting Classroom Expectations: The 3 Most Effective Expectations in Any ESL Classroom

Are you a new ESL teacher, or a teacher working to improve your classroom? You’re probably looking for ways to maintain an orderly classroom, not to mention create a positive,…

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Bye, Bye, Bubblegum! 13 Classroom Rewards That Actually Benefit and Motivate Students

All of us were kindergarteners at some point, right? Hopefully? Well, I remember the rewards that I got in kindergarten: bubblegum, a movie day, a pizza party at the end…

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Fun & Easy Classroom Procedures To Streamline Your Class and Preserve Your Sanity

Have you ever been in a classroom full of young learners? When 20 or so preschoolers are in a room together, things can get hectic. Crying, running around, you name…

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Further Your Teaching Career


Teaching English to Children – The Pros and Cons

The vast majority of TEFL jobs are about teaching English to children and young learners. If you love kids, you can choose between thousands of jobs in language centers or…

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Interactive Learning: The Pros and Cons

What is interactive learning, really? It is a procedure that imparts education in the traditional classroom. In between traditional lectures with students who listen to their instructors and take notes…

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How to Become an English Teacher (at Home and Abroad)

Teaching is considered one of the noblest and rewarding professions, and English teachers are in high demand. Are you interested in learning how to become an English teacher domestically or…

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