Get Paid For Your Guest Post On JimmyESL

Get Paid For Your Guest Post On JimmyESL

We are always looking for great content about teaching English abroad or online, about living and working overseas. If you are familiar with these topics and are a talented writer, we offer you the opportunity to land a guest post on JimmyESL and get paid for!

We reward each published article with $25-$50!

Besides the money, you will gain exposure and recognition as a writer. Your post will be featured on our homepage for at least a month and will regularly be shared on social media and to our mailing list (50k+ audience overall).

What’s the difference between a free and a paid guest post?

Requirements for a paid post are much higher and you will get no backlink to your website from a paid post.

If you think a free guest post is the better option for you, read this page.

Basic requirements to get paid for a guest post

  • Choose a topic which highly adds value to JimmyESL.
  • Write an in-depth post with more than 1,500 words.
  • Create the post according to below-mentioned guidelines.
  • Your post must be unique and free of any rights of third parties.
  • Do not inquire us, and ask for topic ideas or help writing the article… it’s up to you to do 100% of the work involved.*
  • Fill out the complete form below and submit your post in a native Google Doc.

(* What you can do is, send us a thoroughly drafted topic suggestion upfront, including title and post outline, and ask us if we are potentially interested in publishing that specific post.)

Good question: How do you manage to receive the full $50?

  • Write a post with at least 2,000 words.
  • Write a comprehensive, uber-practical post which answers a frequently asked question.
  • Add insider tips or expert insights, add images, screenshots, a video, resource lists…
  • Make sure no revision is necessary.

The process

  • Within few workdays after your form submission, we inform you about our decision on your post, if we’d like to publish it and how much we pay. You can decide whether to accept or reject our offer.
  • You’ll get paid instantly to your Paypal account.
  • With payment, you grant us exclusive and unrestricted rights to use and edit the post.

Detailed guidelines for a paid post

JimmyESL target audience

  • Native-English speakers mainly from the US, also from the UK, CAN, AUS and ZA…
  • …who want to teach English as a second language overseas or are already doing so.

About the content

  • The post title provides the main topic of the post. It should be visible throughout the article.
  • Please make sure all information is reliable and correct.
  • Go in-depth. Don´t just list facts: evaluate them, mention different opinions or points of view.
  • Be helpful. Offer readers optional solutions for their problems. Mention tools, websites or institutions which may help the reader.
  • Tell personal narratives and experiences, if they tie in well.

Text Structure

  • Write a short introduction paragraph. It should represent the key points of the topic and address the (assumed) key questions or concerns of a reader to pull him into the post. Mark the paragraph in boldface.
  • Insert H2 and H3 subheadings, at least one after every 300 words.
  • Paragraphs regularly should not exceed 5 lines (Arial, 11).
  • Use bulleted/numbered lists to visualize important data.
  • Mark (bold type) a couple of important statements in your text, which can be used as pull quotes.
  • End the post with a conclusion. Summarize and repeat the post’s key learnings and tell the reader what to do (or consider) next.

Language and spelling

  • The post should be 99% free of typos and grammatical mistakes. Double check before you deliver your post.
  • In post title, capitalize each word’s first letter in the post title. Use correct capitalization in subheadings.
  • Use correct, but conversational language. Don’t write too businesslike or academic, and never promotional.
  • Feel free to use humor.


  • Link to external sources if they provide relevant further information to readers. When you mention facts or figures from studies/surveys, always link to the source.
  • Also add 1-3 internal links to existing posts on JimmyESL.
  • You are not allowed to insert any backlinks to your website or a client’s website.


  • Select images which suit the look of JimmyESL: Beautiful, atmospheric photos, preferably with people. (Not those trashy stock images or symbolic photo montages.)
  • Only use images from free and safe sources, like, or Don’t copy images from other websites you found on the web.
  • If you use your own images or screenshots, add your credits.
  • Write a one-sentence caption text for each image.
  • Attach the image URL to each image in the document.

About Author

  • Attach a  2-4 sentences “About Author” text to your post. It should be written in the third person singular.

Pro-tip: SEO

Research a keyword/keyphrase with high search volume on Google and optimize your post for the respective keyword.

  • Use the exact keyword in the title.
  • Use the exact keyword in summary, in some subheadings and throughout the text, but in a possible natural way, not overly frequent.
  • Also use synonyms or variations of the keyword, like you would normally do.

Submit your post

Please fill out all obligatory (*) fields of the form to submit your paid post. We do not accept incomplete submissions.

  • Your post

  • Make sure the document is accessible for me.
  • Payment info

  • If you write on behalf of a business, state the business address and a VAT/Tax/Register ID number.
  • Your message