The Best (Weekly) Planners for Teachers 2022

Okay, it’s your first lesson of the week. You’ve walked into your class of 30, ready to begin.

Wait, this isn’t the right lesson plan… or the right class… you’re not even in the right room!

Fortunately, there are products like Teacher Planners that aim to take the hard part out of lesson planning, and avoid this kind of situation!

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The following list showcases the best weekly planners for teachers, including the pros and cons for each, so that you can find your “Teacher Planner Soul Mate” that will serve you well for years to come.

Before we jump into planners, here are a few things that you should keep in mind while buying one.

The Best Weekly Planners for Teachers

What to Look For…

Make Sure the Cover Is Strong

This is one of the things that require special attention. Your planner’s cover is the thing that protects the inside pages. If the cover is of inferior quality, it is only a matter of time before it starts showing signs of wear and tear. 

And you know what happens to the pages after the outer cover is destroyed.

So pay special attention to the cover. 

A Good Binding System Is Crucial

The binding system is responsible for holding the pages together. If you choose a planner with a subpar binding system, chances are the pages will start to come loose before long.

Ideally, the binding system shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If the system is too tight, the pages will be hard to turn. If it is too loose, the pages would come loose. 

In short, stick to something that is not too loose and not too tight.

Make Sure It Has Plenty of Room and a Good Layout

The final things that you should consider are the space on offer and the layout of pages.

More often than not people choose planners without making sure that there is enough space. An academic year is about 40 weeks long. So try to get a planner that has at least this many weekly pages. 

Chose a planner that has enough pages? Great now make sure the layout is intuitive and works for you.

Now, let’s jump straight to the main course. Here are the planners that aim to eliminate hassle from your life.

6 of the Best Weekly Planners

Hardcover 8 Period Teacher Lesson Plan


  • Beautiful hardcover back
  • Included seating planner and supplementary data planning sheets
  • Matrix format


  • Would have liked to see some more pages
  • The spiral binding is a little too tight

The first planner on this list is also the best one out there. The  is your friend when it comes to scheduling your workday. 

The planner comes organized with periods and days of the week. The days of the week are on top of the page and each day is divided into various periods. There is plenty of space on each page for writing instructions and detailing things to be done.

Couple this with the ability to plan classroom seating for students, organize a daily schedule for 8 periods, and a beautiful hardcover, and you might understand why teachers all over the map are in love with it.

HARDCOVER Academic Planner 2020-2021


  • Plenty of pages with monthly tabs
  • Beautiful, hardcover back with a pocket folder
  • Included bookmark, and sticky notes


  • The binding is a little too tight
  • The durability of the hardcover is questionable especially when it comes to moisture

The next planner on this list is a yearly planner. Being a yearly planner the is a 13-month planner. 

In addition to being a 13-month planner, it also has specified pages for weekly planning. The format is a little different as compared to the planner we just saw. The days are on top of the page and are further divided into periods.

Unfortunately, there is no seating planner included and there is also no room for supplementary data. But the things that it offers, it does better than most.

To make the deal even sweeter, the planner comes with a free pocket folder, bookmark, and sticky notes.

2020-2021 Planner – Academic Weekly Teacher Planner


  • Colorful and durable hardcover
  • Reinforced metal edges
  • Plenty of space for daily planning
  • Extras like 21 pages for notes, colored tabs, and an inner pocket


  • No bookmark included so you have to buy a separate one

If you are someone who wants to get something durable and doesn’t mind the added bulk, this planner is for you.

The  does everything a planner should and does it with style. The hardcover back sports a distinctive, colorful design with metal edges. The inclusion of metal edges is a huge plus since bent corners can ruin the cover.

When it comes to pages, Frasukis offers plenty of them. There are pages for monthly, and weekly planning. Each month is spread over 2 pages and offers an ample amount of space to write your schedule for the whole day.

21 pages of notes, colored tabs, and an inner pocket are the things that make this planner stand out from the crowd.

bloom daily planners Undated Academic Year Teacher Planner


  • Plenty of space to record weekly plans
  • Various supplemental pages
  • Student grade book with rows for assignments and student information


  • It is expensive

Perhaps the best, undated planner on the market. The  is a planner that will last you all year.

To start off, there are 60 undated, vertically divided weekly pages. There are also 12 monthly views. This collection of weekly pages with monthly views is perfect for anyone who is looking for a weekly planner for teachers.

If these pages are not enough for you then get this:

There is a whole slew of supplemental pages to record all kinds of information. From personal information page to 8-grade book spreads, this planner has all the space you will ever need.

In short, if you want something flexible with the ability to record a ton of information, you can’t go wrong with this one.  

Carson-Dellosa Aim High Teacher Planner Plan Book


  • Plenty of pages for yearly, weekly, and monthly planning
  • Pages for contact info, communication logs, to name a few


  • Recording spaces for plans should have been a bit roomier
  • The layout can work but is a hit or a miss

So, here’s the deal:

This planner is for someone who wants the convenience of a weekly planner but can’t spend a lot.

The  has all the functionalities of a more expensive planner but at a lower price. The features of this planner include yearly, monthly, and weekly planning pages.

Aside from this, there are a number of supplemental pages to make your teaching life easier. Contact information page, communication logs, and graph sheets are just some of the pages that come with this planner. There are also colored tab stickers, to-do list stickers, and accent stickers among other things.

All in all, Carson-Dellosa has created a pretty sweet planner that will last you a full year.

The Happy Planner Big Teacher Kit – 12 Month Undated Teacher Organizer & Accessories


  • Colorful, innovative layout
  • The durable disk-based binding system
  • Plenty of room for detailing tasks
  • Comes with a set of free color pens


  • Expensive

Let me ask you a question:

Which things are the best?

The things which are free of course!

While the isn’t free, it comes with a set of free color pens. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is a lousy planner and the only thing good about it are the free pens. All I am saying is, free pens are a wonderful addition.

Coming to the planner, it uses a disk-based binding system. In addition to the binding system, the layout of the planner is a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of boring, old, matrix-style planners. As you expect, you can plan weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks on it.

Moreover, the planner comes with stickers to organize your work. 

In short, it is a great planner and if you have the cash you should definitely give it a look. 

Bestseller Weekly Planners

You managed to get through these weekly planners and still haven’t found your soulmate? Not to worry, there is still a chance with the following bestsellers:

No products found.

So this is it from my side. The planners detailed here are some of the best out there and if you ask me, you don’t need to look for anything else. This list has all the possible options that you could ever need. As parting advice, choose a planner that reflects your style of teaching.

Happy shopping!

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