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Relocation Service for EFL Teachers to Hanoi or Saigon

We make finding a teaching job and moving to Vietnam simple and stress-free!

Book a full-service package by Teacher’s Friend Vietnam including pre-departure assistancejob placement, finding accommodation, all visas and work permits, a city tour, a language exchange, many more services and unlimited assistance from start to finish.

We guarantee you will earn back the price of this service with your first pay cheque!

Apply now and schedule a call with us, no strings attached.


Our Promise to You:

With Teacher's Friend Vietnam, you will find a job at the best schools and language centers in Vietnam and receive all the personal support you will ever need.

Your Head Start to Live and Teach in Vietnam

If you want to move to Vietnam and teach English in Hanoi or Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), you can take a head start with our relocation service for EFL teachers. Look, what’s in for you:

Work for the Best Schools in Vietnam

We will get you interviews in the best, highest quality schools and language centers in Vietnam. These centers all provide excellent facilities and are all extremely professional. They all provide paid holiday, work permits, medical insurance, end of year completion bonuses and much more.

Enjoy the Benefits & Avoid the Pitfalls

We were once in your shoes and had to overcome all the hardships of moving to Vietnam. Our guidance will save you a lot of time, hassle, and costly mistakes, so you can focus on the bright side of living in Vietnam. We are your go-to guide on everything you need to know!

Make Vietnam Your Second Home

We will show you around the country, arrange a language exchange for you and help you to find local friends you can trust. We tell you the best places to visit or the best things to eat (or not). Not long after moving to Vietnam you will fully immerse in the culture and feel like you’re at home.

Personal Help Whenever You Need it

We – Teacher’s Friend Vietnam – are a small, friendly start-up which offers outstanding support beyond your expectations. We will make sure you arrive fully pre-prepared and ready to go! Contact us at any time during your stay in Vietnam. We will get back to you within a day and help you out of any situation.

Apply Now for the Vietnam Relocation Service

Move to Vietnam and start teaching English, simple and stress-free. Apply today reserve your place in our relocation program.

Come to Vietnam and Teach English!

Vietnam undoubtedly is a jewel, with its lush rice paddies, deserted beaches, winding mountain roads and beautiful island getaways. There are amazing opportunities for saving and it offers an incredible work-life balance due to the high wages and low living costs. With a full-time job, which usually means 10-20 hours (!) a week, you will make around $1,200! Most likely you’ll teach kids aged 3-10 years, so don’t worry about teaching complex grammar structures.

Vietnam is a hub of both expat activity and locals alike, you get the best of both worlds. Each year, thousands of ESL teachers are moving to Vietnam. Everyone is there for the same reason – to make a difference in the lives of others while exploring this beautiful country.

Challenges for First-Timers Coming to Vietnam

One of the biggest stresses of moving to Vietnam to teach English is making sure you have all of the correct paperwork for your work permit (required for working legally), plus your work visa and all copies of your original documents, police check, medical certificate etc. On top of that you need to think about flights, vaccinations, packing, getting a job, finding accommodation meeting people, etc. It can all be a little bit daunting at first.

Then there’s the culture shock – horns and scooters and scams and tricks galore, it’s a bit of a minefield out there! You hear stories of teachers not being paid, being refused entry into the country, being heavily overcharged and having their possessions stolen. While these things are usually avoidable (with the right know-how) they do happen and can ruin your whole experience. Some of the things you might find difficult about relocating to Vietnam are:

Before Arrival

  • Where can I find reliable sources of information?
  • How do I obtain the visa and work permit?
  • Which documents are needed and what is needed for certifying, legalizing etc.?
  • How do I avoid getting scammed by dodgy language centers?
  • Which type of travel insurance is best?
  • Which vaccinations are required?

Upon Arrival:

  • What do I do at the airport?
  • How do I find suitable housing?
  • How do I get around?
  • Where is the best place to meet people?
  • Is it easy to learn Vietnamese?
  • How do I know who to trust?
  • Where can I buy or rent a motorbike?
  • How can I avoid scams/petty theft/dangerous situations?

What You Get: Relocation Package Details

Guaranteed Job Placement

We find out which positions would best suit you and your preferences and apply on your behalf for jobs in language centers, schools, and private classes in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Just sit back and wait for the interviews to come rolling in. We guarantee job placement in the center of your choice!

Finding Suitable Accommodation

Do you fancy an own apartment in a quiet back street alley or a shared flat in central downtown? We will talk to real estate agents and shortlist quality properties to rent based on your preferences and our knowledge of local neighborhoods. We’ll also help you find flatmates if you want them.

Buy or Rent a Discounted Motorbike

Proudly cruise around on your new two wheels and go wherever you want. We introduce you to a reliable, English speaking motorbike salesman and mechanic. You can buy or rent a motorbike there, with a special discount and free repairs. You can also take free lessons to learn how to ride.

City Tour & Meet with Locals

We organize an entertaining meet and greet at your destination, followed by a private city tour by a local Vietnamese guide. A local knows all the insider tips and hidden gems, so you can get ready for an out-of-ordinary experience. We will tailor the tour to your likes to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Learn the Vietnamese Language

Learning the language will make your life a lot easier and help you to build relationships. The package includes discounted Vietnamese classes and a language exchange with a friendly local. To ensure you have lots to talk about, we will match your interests with those of your counterpart.

Discounted Travel and Tours

No-one comes to Vietnam to sit inside their apartment. Book discounted, high-quality, all-inclusive tours as long as you stay in Vietnam, from our trusted partner Travel Agent, including some must-see sights, or travel the country on your own with discounted bus or train ticketrs.

Teaching Resources Database

Being prepared is one of the keys to success of a teacher. Access our database of awesome sample ESL lesson plans and materials teachers have created for you from their classroom experiences in Vietnam. You can wow your students with their favorite games and activities from the very first lesson!

Resources About Vietnam

Study exclusive and premium resources about Vietnam, its cities and culture we collected for you. Know what to do when meeting the locals with our article on etiquette in Vietnam, how to get your visa right the first time or learn some basic everyday Vietnamese phrases before moving to Vietnam.

Unlimited Help and Assistance

We are here for you when you need us, not only until you paid your last rate. We assist and advice you for the entire time you are in Vietnam, provide safety and reassurance to you. Contact us whenever and for whatever you want, we try to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Schedule a Call With Us to Learn More

With our service, you will get a teaching job in Vietnam and settle down in no time and without hassle, we guarantee! Why don’t you ask your questions and learn more details about the relocation package in a personal call?

Price and Conditions

The Package Price: $1,200

You pay 50% of the price when you sign the contract, to guarantee your place, and the remaining 50% after you receive your first paycheck from your Vietnamese employer. Monthly payments can also be arranged.

You can cancel up to 62 days before your arrival for a full refund. After this, it is at our discretion and depends on how far along the job placement process you are. In the unlikely event that we cannot find you a job before you arrive, the entire package is fully refundable.

Your Pay Cheque: $1,200

The usual starting salary in our partner language centers is $1,200 US per month (for just 18 hours per week!) and so you will earn back the entire cost of the package in your first pay cheque!

On top of this there is all of the trouble and wasted time this service will save you. With our help, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary spendings and avoid being scammed, so the financial benefits of this service are worth more than the one-off fee – it will even save you money.

How can I Purchase a Package and Begin the Process?

We are proud to offer a 100% honest and professional service. We want you to be absolutely sure about that, too, before you sign a contract and pay any money. In the following, we explain to you transparently and in detail how our relocation package works for ESL teachers moving to Vietnam:
  • Let us know you’re keen!
  • Come and have a face to face chat – meet your ‘teacher’s friend’!
  • Sign the contract, pay 50% of the package price via Paypal to reserve your place.
  • Get sent loads of awesome and exclusive pre-departure info.
  • Ask all of your questions – no question is a silly question!
  • Make a CV that will stand out from the crowd.
  • Get the interviews, choose your favorite language center and get offered the job of a lifetime, before you arrive!
  • Pre-departure Skype to banish the pre-travel jitters.
  • Check out the city and get friendly with the locals, get some wheels!
  • Ongoing help and support throughout your time in Vietnam.

Some Questions About Our Service

1. Are there any requirements to book the package?

You will need to meet the following requirements to get hired legally by the language centers and to get a work visa and permit. As I offer guaranteed job placement, I have to stick to these requirements, too.

  • You are a native speaker or speak native-level English with native English accent.
  • You have any degree.
  • You have a TEFL certificate, which was not completed online and is a minimum of 120 hours with 6 hours of observed teaching practice with real ESL students. (You can take a TEFL class in Vietnam with our partner center, too.)

2. I’ve been warned never to pay to get a teaching job?

Yes, you should not pay for a company to find you a teaching job because a legit recruitment agency earns commission fees from the schools or language centers they place teachers at, so any service can be provided to the teacher for free. However, we are not a recruitment agency. We do not receive any money from the school, nor do we take a cut of your salary. We are an organization which helps teachers moving to Vietnam and offer you the above-mentioned range of services. You do not pay us for getting a particular job, but for an entire relocation package.

3. How do I know this isn’t a scam?

We do not ask you to sign or pay anything before our 30-minutes Skype call with you. During the call, we will answer any question and show any required proof that Teacher’s Friend Vietnam, who delivers this service, is a legit company and keeps it’s promises. We can put you in contact with former clients who are delighted with the excellent service they have received. On Go Overseas, an internationally renowned website, we have a 94% overall rating from 17 customer reviews. We only use Paypal for every transaction and pay all fees, so your payments are safe and traceable.

Apply Now and Reserve Your Place

Please fill out a short application form to apply for a place in the Vietnam relocation program for EFL teachers. If you qualify, we schedule a call with you and tell you everything you need to know about.
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