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Write for Us: Guest Posting on JIMMYESL

Pitch your story to JIMMYESL and get featured! Guest posting is always free of charge!

Please read the following comprehensive guidelines before contacting us!

Possible Topics

The audience of JIMMYESL are aspiring and expert ESL teachers and all contents must cater to them.

Topics you can write about:

  • Teaching tips and strategies for the ESL classroom
  • Advice on job search and career for ESL teachers
  • Tips for teaching English abroad in specific countries
  • Tips for teaching English online from home

No own ideas?

Write a great post about one of these topics and I will happily accept it:

  • X Tips for becoming a culturally responsive ESL Teacher
  • X Ways How to Have Fun Teaching ESL
  • X Funny Classroom Games to Engage Your ESL Students
  • What is Total Physical Response (TPR) and How Do You Use it in the ESL Classroom?

Writing Guidelines for Guest Posts

  • Write a unique post with a minimum of 1,5k words. No rehashed content accepted!
  • Write a short and sweet intro with 5-7 sentences max(!), to get the readers attention and tell him why he should read the post – what's in for them.
  • Use a lot of hierarchical subheadings (h2-h4). Insert the first subheading right after the introduction.
  • Split the text into very short paragraphs; add a break after each 1-3 sentences!
  • Add visual elements like infoboxes or tables, to highlight important info or provide interesting data.
  • End the post with a conclusion or take-away.
  • Use conversational and engaging language. Address the reader directly ("you").
  • Go in-depth and provide practical advice which the reader can apply easily.
  • Include research data, facts, stats, charts or screenshots into the post. Link to the respective source.

Do us all a favor: Please double-check whether your post meets these guidelines before turning it in.

Pitch Your Guest Post

Send us a personal message including the following information:

  • Introduce yourself and the business on behalf of which you are contacting us.
  • Outline the guest post you want to write.
  • State the website URL you want to link to from the post.

Your contact person is Marcel.

Contact Form

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