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The Hassle-Free Sim Card in Japan for Foreign Teachers [Sponsored]

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Sponsored post Mobal now offers a hassle-free Softbank sim card in Japan for foreigners, with a special price for teachers.

You’ve landed your dream teaching job in Japan. You’ve found a place to live.

Now all you need is to get your smartphone up and running and live life as it should be – online and offline!

You walk into a mobile phone shop – whoa! – if you get past the Japanese speaking staff, then your next obstacle is to overcome the need to fill several forms in the Japanese language to sign a two-year contract simply to have access to a sim card for phone number and data.

Surely not. There must be another way?

Luckily there is.

Not interested to sign a 2-year contract?

Then Mobal has the perfect solution offering a Softbank phone number with Unlimited Data with an exclusive price package for Foreign Teachers in Japan.

Mobal SIM Card Japan for Teachers (and Students)

It’s really easy!

  • You get a Japanese Phone Number (070/080), not an IP Number, with Free Incoming Calls, both domestic and international, and Free Calls 20 hrs/day, 7 days a week on the same network (Softbank). Given that Softbank commits to 99% population coverage in Japan you should be fine as long as you teach where people live!
  • You get Unlimited Data Monthly! That includes 7GBs of 4G data monthly-after which it slows down but never disconnects and renews each month.
  • There is no contract and no termination fee. When you sign up, you can choose from 15 days to forever with the option to cancel the service anytime.
  • It’s all available in English and online. Also, you can pay using any debit or credit card (from any country in the world) or by PayPal.

How Do You Sign Up?

You simply purchase your SIM online at at the cost of 3,000 yen.

This includes free worldwide shipping or the option to collect the SIM on arrival at Narita Airport or downtown Tokyo.

Buy the Japanese Mobal SIM Card online

How Much Do You Pay for Mobal Japan SIM Card?

Having purchased the SIM, you choose your plan online.

The Teacher Plan is 4,500 yen per month and includes Unlimited Data, Free Incoming Calls, and SMS, free Mobal to Mobal calls 20 hrs a day/7 days a week.

The only extra charges are for international calls made (but with Unlimited Data you should have no need) and any domestic calls not covered in your plan.

And if you’re not happy or want to change to a contract phone then you are free to do so; simply cancel the service online, and that’s it.

Buy Japan sim card here

Must-Knows when Arriving in Japan

Besides the SIM Card, there’s a lot to consider on your first arrival in Japan. Watch this video with great tips from Japan-expert Paolo de Guzman.

The Majority of Profits Go to Charity

With a Mobal phone, you don’t just travel the world, you make it a better place.

Mobal guarantees that the majority of its profits go to charity and since 2016 have been supporting Japanese NGO Seibo Japan to provide vital school meals to children in Malawi, Africa.

If you would like to learn more or support Malawi why not check out the latest Mobal-supported project, The Warm Hearts Coffee Club, Japan’s 1st not-for-profit coffee company and get a regular delivery with free shipping!

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