There are tons of websites out there providing all kinds of free ESL material.  Some sites  require visitors to register before they can use any of the material, but the majority of them out there are free.  However, the problem may be that there are too many chaotic and disorganized esl websites on the internet. Of course, my site  is still new a bit disorganized, but I hope I do not still occupy that category in a couple of months from now. Here are three great websites that ESL teachers should know. These sites not only provide great material, but their material is easily accessible and printable.

The first site is BreakingNewsEnglish. This is a well used site for news articles that are condensed and tweaked for the ESL reader. Many of the articles are not only interesting,  but they range in difficulty on a scale of one to seven. I have been using breakingnewsenglish for a couple of years now and it  has served as a lifesaver several times when trying to find last minute material for a lesson. In addition to the articles,  each one can be downloaded and printed into a packet that includes vocabulary, listenting and writing  activities related to the article. Personally, I usually just use the article.  To do so, download the PDF version and only print page 2 of 2.

The next great ESL website is EnglishClub.  I often use EnglishClub when I need material for pronunciation.  English Club provides a well-organised and extensive list of ‘minimal pairs’.  What are ‘minimal pairs’? For example, ‘v and b’ , ‘t and d’, ‘i and e’ and so on.   English Club  is also a good resource for vocabulary material, including vocabulary lists that can be a great resource for students.

The third great website is ESLflow. This is a great website because  it has material related to a variety of grammar and vocabulary. Much of this material can be incorporated into your lesson. I often use ESLflow when  I need  a good vocab or grammar  worksheet to give to the students during class or for homework.

Each of these websites serves a different purpose and they  can also be used by your students. Please  feel free to comment and suggest other websites, including your own website.

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  1. My “go to” website that offers the widest and most comprehensive updates among the three websites would BreakingNewsEnglish because it suits my needs as a teacher. You could start learning the simplest lessons down to the most difficult as you go along. Though English Club and ESL flow are good websites too but they are more on the basic ones that everyone should look into initially before going on to the complicated lessons and websites. I also found IELTSPodcast by Ben Worthington as a good resource, not just for me as a teacher but to my students as well.


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