Free ESL Vocabulary & Conversation Worksheets

The most fun and important part of language learning is: conversation. Most ESL students measure their success by whether they can engage in everyday conversations, business meetings or at least asking directions during travel.

If you want to help your students to enhance their vocabulary and converse in English effortlessly, low-prep exercises for your lessons will come in handy.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of worksheets for vocabulary and conversation training you can use for free.

ESL Vocabulary & Conversation Worksheets

All Vocabulary and Conversation Worksheets

Worksheet TopicStudent Level
Sports Activities (Action Words)Elementary
Weather Report & ForecastElementary-Intermediate
Let’s Go ShoppingElementary-Intermediate
Describing PeopleElementary-Intermediate
Idioms and SlangIntermediate-Advanced
Food IdiomsIntermediate-Advanced
Everyday IdiomsIntermediate-Advanced
Job InterviewIntermediate-Advanced
Debate: Fast Fashion – The True Cost of ClothesIntermediate-Advanced

We’re still working on our worksheet directory and will be adding more resources soon.

Idiom Lists

These idiom lists help your students to speak English like a native speaker.

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