English Verb Tense Worksheets


Word PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsCertain time in the past or just / already / yet
Word PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsFind someone who… has already drunk 2 cups of coffee today, has not done their homework yet.
Word PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsRewrite the sentences in passive voice
Word PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsFor + a period of time, Since + a point in time, present perfect with for, present perfect with since.
Word PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsJob interview.
Word PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsPresent perfect with Ever – never.
PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsComplete verb tense chart.
PDFPresent Perfect English WorksheetsVerb tense chart.
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousPresent continuous exercise
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousChoose whether the verb should be in the PRESENT CONTINUOUS or the SIMPLE PRESENT tense.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousPassive voice sentences in the simple present.
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousInterview a classmate.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousWrite sentences in the present simple tense for each picture.
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousPresent simple paragraph.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousPresent Continuous.
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousPresent progressive pictures
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousSimple present-interview
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousSimple Present Daily Routine Worksheet
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousAdverb frequency worksheet
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousAdverbs of frequency(often, rarely, sometimes,never, always, usually).
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousRegular verb list
Word PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousPresent Simple review
WordPresent Simple/ContinuousIrregular-verbs
Word Present Simple/ContinuousWrite has, have, is, and are in the blank.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousAuxiliary Verbs worksheet.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousThis, That, These, Those.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousComplete verb tense chart.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousBe verbs explanation.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousHave-has explanation.
PDFPresent Simple/ContinuousVerb tense chart.
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousBe verb past quiz
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousTo Be in the past
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousPractice Test
Word PDFPast Simple/Past ContinuousPractice Test
PDFPast Simple/Past ContinuousPast simple and continuous
PDFPast Simple/Past ContinuousPractice Test
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousSimple past writing
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousSimple past versus present perfect
PDFPast Simple/ContinuousComplete Verb Tense List
PDFPast Simple/ContinuousSimple Past Questions
PDFPast Simple/ContinuousPast continuous worksheet
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousSimple past beginner
PDFPast Simple/ContinuousComplete verb tense chart
PDFPast Simple/ContinuousVerb tense chart
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousSimple Past Explanation
Word PDFPast Simple/ContinuousSimple past quiz
Word PDFFuture TenseFuture Simple or Future Perfect
Word PDFFuture TenseMaking Predictions about the Future
Word PDFFuture TenseFuture Tense Scrabble
PDFFuture TenseFuture Tense Scrabble