13 Great Classroom Rugs: Colorful, Cozy and Educational

Classroom rugs are must-have accessories for any kindergarten and preschool.

They’re the center of the classroom — the focal point of the room, and where students gather to for circle time and class time. Or you can articule different classroom areas with rugs.

They help to make a classroom a hub of learning, growth, and creativity, full of light, color, and places for kids to play.

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With a world of educational rugs to choose from online, how can you pick the right one that will suit your room perfectly?

We’ve rounded up some stellar options of classroom rugs that are sure to suit any sensibilities. So keep scrolling to find the rug you’ve been waiting for!

13 Great classroom rugs, educational and seating

Classroom Seating Rugs & Sitting Spots

These carpets especially are great classroom furnishing to organize the seating of toddlers and kids.

Carpets for Kids Colorful Seating Rows Rug

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Who needs tables and chairs in the classroom when you can have this large seating rug? It’s simple, but colorful and effective! You can organize seating for up to 30 kids, or it allows physical distancing for smaller groups.

The classroom carpet is stain protected, just use hot water for cleaning. The backing prevents wrinkling and creasing. Best of all: Never worry about fault edges again. The manufacturer replaces the edging on your rugs no matter how long they have been in the classroom.

Spruce up your classroom and organize your class with this over 8 feet x 13 feet sized Carpets for Kids colorful seating rows rug.

Bright & Soft Sitting Spots Rugs

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Forgo the typical rug… Rug sitting spots are a fantastic choice for a carpeted classroom because they adhere to the carpet easily but also can be picked up after circle time is over, meaning that you don’t need a dedicated space in your classroom for this class arrangement.

You can use these in various ways: for story time and group activities, as time-out spot markers, in the play area or calming corner.

These sitting markers for the classroom are affordable and totally fun, they have a 12 inch diameter and come in 6 rainbow colors.

Flagship Carpets Rug With Sitting Spots

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If sitting spots aren’t your jam, you might want to go with a rug that already has 20 sitting spots on it.

We love this 6 x 8 feet sized fun rug because it’s colorful and useful, and can do double-duty as a place to play hopscotch or other games when it’s not class time.

The best part of this sitting spot rug from Flagship Carpets, though, is that it’s antimicrobial, stain-resistant, fire-resistant, and CRI Green Label Plus certified, which means it’s been certified as a safe, low emission rug.

Educational Classroom Rugs

These carpets do not only provide a soft and healthy environment in your classroom, but are a great “playground” and help you to teach different subjects as well.

Champion City-Themed Rug

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This fun rug will keep your kids engaged when it’s circle time, and it does double duty as a great play area, too.

Your students will love driving through the streets of the tiny town that lives on this rug with toy cars and identifying all the landmarks it has. This rug isn’t just functional – it’s also a springboard for imagination and play.

This City-themed Champion rug is made of soft nylon pile with reinforced edges, meaning that it’s comfortable for kids to sit on and is durable enough to withstand plenty of preschool playtimes.

It’s also machine washable, stain- and fade-resistant, and comes with non-skid backing. The rug is availabe in sizes from 2×7 (runner) feet to 8×10 feet.

KC Cubs Playtime Collection Area Rug ABC, Seasons, Months and Days of The Week

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Teach your toddlers or preschool kids the alphabet, the seasons, the months and days of the week, and the basice of the English language: all with one carpet. This fun and educational KC Cube oval rug let’s your kids discover the world while playing inside.

This carpet hat a non-skid rubber back and is available in three sizes: 3′ 3″ x 4′ 7″ / 5′ 5” x 6′ 6” / 7′ 8″ x 9′ 10”.

We’re totally excited about the bright color and the numeral details of this educational rug from KC Cube.

Flagship Carpets Animal-Themed Classroom Rugs

This whimsical animal-themed rugs will make your students forget they’re inside as they take in its flittering dragonflies, crawling snails, and buzzing bees; or majestic elephants and funny monkeys.

And, like all offerings from Flagship Carpets, it’s CRI Green Label Plus certified, stain-resistant, and anti-microbial. Plus, it’s made from durable nylon fabric with double-stitched edges and skid-resistant backing for safety and ease.

These Flagship educational carpets come in sizes from 2 x3 feet to 5 x 8 feet. Make your choice between garden, barnyard, and jungle prints, so you can choose the rug that matches your classroom’s decor and the favorite animals of your little students.

Flagship Carpets Alphabet Educational Carpets

We totally love how homey, educational, and functional this adorable rug from Flagship Carpets is.

Anti-microbial, stain-resistant, and CRI Green Label Plus certified, this rug is a total winner. This nylon rug also has double-stitched edges, meaning it’s as durable as it is comfortable for children.

Pick up the round version of this rug on Amazon, which comes in at 8 feet in diameter, or buy one of the rectangle and suqare-shaped rugs, from 6 x 12 feet to huge 12 x 18 feet. Create the classroom of your dreams with this educational carpets from Flagship!

Alternative Options for the Classroom

Foam Tiles

Are your kids constantly on the move? Accommodate their inner gymnasts with interlocking foam squares they can zoom around on. Your kiddos can use to build, too!

We love that these foam squares are totally non-toxic and free of BPA, phthalates, and more — which means that you’re protecting your students from more than just bumping their heads with these blocks.

This creative alternative to carpeting is a lifesaver for your wallet, too.

Eyes of India Handmade Braided Rug

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This unique braided rug from Eyes of India is more than just eye-catching: it’s also the ethical choice to make for your classroom. Made from reclaimed saris by workers who are treated fairly, this rug is a choice that’s good for your students and the world.

Plus, your students will go ga-ga over this piece’s bright colors and intricate weaving, and the rug will give you an opportunity to teach your students about recycling and ethics!

This Eyes of India handmade rug is available in different shapes and sizes: circular, from 4 to 8-feet diameter, oval and rectangular from 2 x 3 feet up to 4 x 6 feet.

6-Tile Multi-Color Gel Play Mat

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Not really a carpet, but: Are these the coolest tiles you’ve ever seen, or what? Filled with a colorful liquid that moves around, your kids will love getting a chance to sit down on this fun alternative to your average classroom rug.

Or, better than just sitting, they will have fun doing exercises or dancing on this mat and watching the colorful liquids sloshing around.

This groovy non-slip play or exercise mat is the perfect addition to your classroom. And did we mention that it’s non-toxic and recyclable?

Cheap Classroom Rugs

We’ve also compiled some more affordable options for you, if you have to shop on a budget.

But when you look for cheap classroom rugs, keep in mind, that they might not be as robust and durable as carpets of higher quality. In high traffic areas like classrooms, they might wear off quickly, and you would have to replace them with a new one – and you might make a bad deal in the end.

However, if the classroom rug won’t be used every day, a cheaper option could be a wise choice. Here are our recommendations:

Kev & Cooper Playtime Collection ABC, Numbers and Shapes Educational Area Rug

Availble sizes: 3’3″ x 4’7″ / 5’0″ x 6’6″ / 8’2″ x 9’10”

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Home Dynamix Carpet Alphabet / US Federal States

Available sizes: 35″x51″ / 4’11″x6’6″ / 6’6″x9’5″ – different prints

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Classroom/Playroom Area Rug Alphabet Numbers Train.

Available sizes: 3′ x 5′ / 5′ x 7′ / 8′ x 8′ (round) / 8′ x 10′

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