The 10 Best Classroom Light Filters & Covers

Your classroom is expertly decorated, your wall decorations and rewards chart are perfectly on theme, everything is sparkly and ready to go…

…but it’s all bathed in harsh, ugly fluorescent light.


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Escape the fluorescent fugue with 10 classroom light filters or light covers that create a calmer, cheerier atmosphere.


Why Should You Bother Using a Light Filter?

For student and teacher performance, the physical environment in the classroom plays an important role – including the lighting. The glare of harsh or even flickering lighting can cause visual fatigue; after hours, teachers and students will hardly be able to keep their focus.

Reflections in computer screens can make it even worse. Sore, dry eyes and even headache could be the consequences.

But while the jury’s still out on whether fluorescent lighting poses actual health risks, there’s no denying that it’s over bright and unpleasant. And even if your classroom doesn’t have fluorescent lighting, you may want to cover up your light fixtures to make them seem a little prettier, and create a more productive environment for everyone.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of retail classroom light filters to help you find the perfect fix for headache-inducing overhead lights.

The 7 Best-Rated Classroom Light Filters/Covers on Amazon

Stay on the safe side and buy one of these top recommended products:

Educational Insights Classroom Light Filters

Check the price on Amazon

These calming light filters from Educational Insights are made specifically for classrooms in colors meant to calm: Tranquil blue and whisper white.

They reduce glare and that pesky flickering you can get with overhead lights. Customer tell, that after installing the light covers, the ultra-harsh lighting stopped giving them headaches or migraine, as before.

They’re fitted with sewn-in magnets for easy installation! They’re also super-strong and certified flame-resistant, so you can rest easy.

The Educational Insights light covers are a long-running bestseller on Amazon, with more than 2,500 customer reviews, 80% of which are 5 stars! So, I dare say, they must be good.

OctoLights Cloud Fluorescent Light Cover

Check the price on Amazon

These airy light covers bring the outside in, creating a more soothing and natural atmosphere in your classroom. The fluorescent light covers are UL certified, meaning they’re totally safe to use, and they’re reasonably priced to boot.

They seamlessly fit any standard 2×4 fluorescent ceiling light and are effortlessly to install

Your students will love being able to look up at the clouds even on rainy days, and you’ll love the filtered light giving you a class full of calmer, more focused students.

You can choose between 8 different cloud design, from Cumulus Mediocris to Cirrostratus Sky. Idea: Buy different cloud types for all ceiling lights and let your students learn the names.

These OctoLights light covers for the classroom truly are a breath of fresh air.

OctoLights Trees Fluorescent Light Cover

Check the price on Amazon

For a greener classroom, choose these nature-themed light covers, also from OctoLights. The specifications are the same as the cloud model mentioned above.

High-quality photo prints let various trees grow in your classroom: Evergreen ash trees, flowering dogwood trees or palm trees. Mix and match to create your unique treescape.

Needless to say: On top of their pretty look, these OctoLights Nature Light Cover eliminate harsh glare in your classroom.

ShadeMagic Seascape Flourescent Light Covers

Check the price on Amazon

Deep sea divers will love this fabric light filters. The 2-pack contains two panels with ocean-themed design.

The panels fit easily over standard ceiling fixtures with sturdy, sewn-in magnets — you’ll have them installed in a minute.

The ShadeMagic Seascape Light Covers creating a soothing, calming environment, and are a great classroom decor as well.

Pete the Cat School’s Cool! Decorative Light Filters

Check the price on Amazon

Do your kids love Pete the Cat? If so, they’ll love these fun themed fluorescent light filters, sold in a pack with three different scenes. And if they don’t know who he is yet, then you need to introduce him to your students.

Pete the Cat is always getting into goofy antics, and kids love reading and singing along as he makes his blasé way through the world.

Add some learning-related fun to your classroom with these fire-resistant magnetized Pete the Cat classroom light filters.

Dockside Stained Glass Fluorescent Ceiling Light Film

Check the price on Amazon

Nothing says classy like fake stained glass covering real fluorescent lights, am I right?

These filters might not turn your class into a cathedral, but they will liven things up — and maybe your students will get a chuckle out of them.

Made from UL Certified self-extinguishing film, these decorative Dockside filters can be stuck directly onto the fluorescent light cover in your classroom. Easy, right?

Natural Sunlight Fluorescent Light Covers

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These no-muss, no-fuss light filters are the perfect option if you’re looking to reduce glare from overhead lights in a way that’s totally subtle and unobtrusive. Transforming fluorescent lighting into natural sunlight helps reduce seasonal depression for improved focus at work or school.

We love them because they’re manufactured in the USA using heat-resistant materials and because they eliminate glare and block harmful UV rays. These filters make the light less harsh, and they’re said to help improve focus and clarity and even reduce seasonal depression.  

And you can cut them to fit the size of your lighting fixture, meaning they’re perfect for any classroom with harsh ceiling lights.

More Options

Octo Lights Flower Fluorescent Light Covers

6 flower-themed designs

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Octo Lights Beach Fluorescent Light Covers

6 beach-themed designs

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Dockside Bokeh Light Covers

Boke-style design

Check the price on Amazon

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