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Classroom Headphones (And Earphones) For Any Age of Student


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Speaking and listening are vital to learning any language (and other subjects). And in today’s world, sometimes that gets done via electronics.

If your school is equipped with Chromebooks, iPads, or another device for students, you may find yourself needing to purchase classroom headphones for your students to listen to media through.

But how do you wade through the countless options out there to find headphones that are affordable, durable, and comfortable?

Check out our list of 4 great options of headphones to get started. And as a bonus, we’ve included two earbud options as well!

Happy shopping!

Classroom Headphones for Schools

A Budget Option For Older Students

These SmithOutlet headphones cost roughly $80 for a 25-pack. For those keeping track at home, that’s just over $3 a pair. Not shabby, right?

They’re nothing fancy, but they’re easy to clean and they come with a 4.5-foot cord, meaning they’re perfect for classroom listening activities and the like. And you can buy them in different quantities, so don’t worry if 25 headphones are way more (or less) than what your class needs.

Be warned, though: these headphones are perfect for older students, but they’re too big for elementary schoolers heads. Make sure they’re the size you need before purchasing!

A High-Quality Option For Older Students

If you’re looking for versatile, durable headphones for your classroom, then these Elecder headphones are just what you need.

Adjustable enough to fit pretty much any size of head, these headphones are the perfect choice for your classroom — and for you. These headphones have great sound quality, they’re made from durable, comfortable materials, and they’re completely foldable. What’s not to love?

Best of all, they come with a 1-year warranty, so if you’re not completely satisfied with them — or if rowdy middle schoolers break them — you can rest easy.

A Budget Option For Younger Students

These HONGZAN headphones will run you around $50 for a 25-pack, which is, like, crazy cheap. Seriously. Just over $2 for a pair of headphones? Just…

Will these headphones last you years and years? No. Will your younger students eventually rip up the sponges on the headsets? Probably.

Do they adjust to fit growing heads, come with a 4-foot cord, and function as working headphones? Yes. They’re really nothing fancy, but if you need to populate a classroom with headphones for younger students, this is about the cheapest viable option you’ll find.

A High-Quality Option For Younger Students

These gorsun headphones cost around $10 a pair, which is pricier than many bulk options but still relatively inexpensive as far as headphones go.

Made of durable materials, these completely foldable headphones have good sound quality and are made with comfortable materials for little ears. They’re also adjustable, which is a must for growing kids.

These sturdy, kid-friendly headphones are a great option for your classroom. And they’ll hold up over time, meaning you don’t have to buy new headphones every year.

Earbuds For the Classroom

Budget Option

You guys — these Keewonda headphones are cheap. I mean cheeeaaap. You can buy a pack of 100 for around $70, which works out to less than 70 cents a pair.

They won’t last forever, but at this price, who cares? If your kids only use them in the classroom they should have a healthy lifespan, and you can replace broken pairs without worrying.

These earphones are comfortable enough to wear, the sound quality is just fine, and they can be used by both kids and adults. Fantastic, right?

Our favorite part, though, is that they come in different colors. Your students will be thrilled to get to choose the color of earbuds they love most, no matter how old they are.

Quality Option

These bright and colorful JustJamz earbuds are so fun, right?

Even if you don’t love them, your students definitely will. And at about $40 for a pack of 30 (or about $1.30 per pair), your wallet will, too.

These affordable earbuds are high quality, so you won’t hear what everyone’s listening to when you’re pacing through the classroom. They’re durable enough to hold up over time, and they’re comfortable for any age of learner.

These earbuds are a sensible and stylish choice for any classroom.

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