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The 18 Best Ways To Make Money Online (Today)

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You want to make money online and are looking for the best options?

In this post, you’ll find a list with recommendable opportunities to make money online and you will learn, which steps you have to take and how you can avoid being scammed.

Making money online is very possible and can actually sustain you just like your 9 to 5 full-time job.

Making Money Online Does Not Mean ‘Easy’

The most important thing to note though is that there is no easy money. If you’re looking for a ‘getting rich quickly’ kind of information, then you’re probably looking for a scam.

Talk of a scam and so many people will relate!

There are people who see a scam when they read any headline on ‘making money online’. I don’t blame you because I was once there. Yes, there are many people purporting to help you make money online, only to realize that you have been scammed in the process.

Don’t despair any longer because as much as there are scams all over, you can be able to differentiate between a scam and genuine online jobs. And yes! There are actually genuine ways to make good money online that you can’t believe. Walk with me this walk and you will see!

Thanks to the internet, you are able to work and earn online from home. Those opportunities also are the best travel jobs to support your income while on the go. An important aspect to note on making money online is that you need to be patient, you won’t start earning overnight. Very important!

Here are three major ways to make money online:

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A. Making money online through your website

This is the main way people earn good money online. Before I tell you how a website or a blog can earn you money, let me quickly take you through the process of creating a website. You can start with a free WordPress blog. However, free things are normally limited.

Creating your paid blog or a website is very easy like 1, 2, 3… You can even create one on your own and have full control over it. Here are steps to create a blog or a website.

  • Think of a profitable niche
  • Register a domain
  • Host the domain
  • Install WordPress and plugin
  • Get an awesome theme
  • Ensure all your menus are working properly
  • Customize your website and ensure you have a contact page

Now you have a working website, what next?

The game changer on making money online is building an audience. Some people will tell you that you don’t need an audience to make money online which is true to some extent. If you use other ways of making money online other than having a blog or a website, then this could be true. However, if you want to monetize your blog or website and earn good money, the audience is key.

You may be wondering how you’re going to build an audience on your website. Here are some points to guide you

  • You need to post contents that are relevant and interesting to read.
  • You must be able to do link building to ensure that a number of other websites are linking to your site.
  • Ensure also that your site ranks at least on the first page of search engines by creating SEO contents.
  • Research on quality keywords your audiences are searching for and produce good contents on them.
  • Post relevant content regularly to keep your audience glued to your website.

Once you have a good traffic on your website you can now start monetizing your blog or website.

1. Google AdSense

When your audience increase and your website receive a lot of visits you can monetize it using Google AdSense. This means that you are hosting adverts from various companies on your website. Companies reach to Google to advertise their products, then Google locates relevant websites that are related to the product’s niche and put an advert there. However, for you to get quality adverts from Google, you must have a really good number of audience.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Basically, market affiliation refers to marketing other company’s good and services by posting a link to their products on your website. Your audience is likely to follow the link and end up buying the product. Once your audience clicks a link and is able to complete a sale then you earn part of the profit the product was to make.

This is an easy money as you do nothing apart from posting the link. All you need to do is to ensure that you have as many audiences interested in the product as possible.

3. Online courses and ebooks

If you are good at anything you may create an online course or write an e-book to teach others about it. There is an unlimited number of things you can teach under the sun. For example, if you’re good at cooking, you can create an e-book or online course on different receipts and sell them. People are constantly looking for knowledge.

You can sell the e-book online by creating a PDF form that is downloadable. You can also post a link to your online course on your website and on social media platforms to reach as many people as possible.

4. Selling leads

If you have a niche website you can make money online from selling leads. Take an example of a financial adviser, he gives advice on different saving plans using his website. In the process, he finds a client who really wants more of what he is advising. As the financial adviser, you will look for a reputable company which can offer the product and sells them to that client.

This is a good way of earning as you will earn twice. First, you will earn from the services you’re offering and secondly from the sale of the lead. Selling a lead can fetch you good money because many companies value leads because they translate to a longtime business.

Making money online through the sale of items

You can make money online by selling various items online. You can open a merchant account where you will be receiving your payments. A merchant account is a form of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments from their clients across the globe through debit and credit cards. You can also open a Paypal account which is a popular mode of payments.

Here are various ways you can make money online through the selling of items.

5. Dropshipping

This is a service where you help a buyer buy goods from online stores like Amazon or Alibaba and shipping them directly to the buyer at a fee. In dropshipping, you don’t need a physical store or an inventory because the products are shipped directly. Of course, you will have to identify potential buyers from social media or anywhere else.

The best thing with dropshipping is that you can sell absolutely anything. This means that you can sell anywhere at any time because you are always meeting people who are your potential buyers. It is easy to do dropshipping since you have eliminated logistics on your side.

6. Open an online store

Apart from dropshipping, you can open your online store in your location and start selling goods to people online. The main difference between an online store and dropshipping is that with an online store you have a physical store where you buy goods and store them before transferring them to the buyer.

You can start small with one kind of items as you expand. I have seen a small online store expanding to an international market, you never know.

7. Selling your own products and services

This can be a very fulfilling business which can earn you good money. Eliminating a third party in your business can make you earn maximally. You can produce your goods and services then advertise them through your social media and make money.

Here are legit sites where you can sell different products:

Sell digital designs

Are you good at designing? Here is good news for you. You can sell your designs through print-outs on t-shirts, mugs, huts, hand bungles, beach towels, and many more items. After printing them on the items you can sell the items in the following sites where you can earn money.

Selling photo

Do you love photography? Here is how you can make money online by taking fascinating photos and selling them on various sites. You will enjoy doing what you like and at the same time, you will make money doing it. Here are genuine sites where you can sell your photos and images.

Selling handmade items

It is so interesting to know that you can also monetize your talent. If you are able to create hand-made items, you can start earning from them. Here are three known websites where you can sell your hand-made items.

B. Making money online through Freelancing

You can make money through freelancing. Freelancing refers to working for someone remotely as a contractor. People all over the world have discovered the good thing about the internet. The best thing about freelancing is that you are selling your skills around the world.

Your clients can come from anywhere. This means that your market is worldwide which can translate to a good pay. You can even learn as many skills as possible to maximize your earnings.

You can find freelance jobs through job boards, freelance websites such as

Here are popular freelance jobs you can do remotely:

8. Virtual assistance

This refers to assisting with various office work remotely. There are several services you can do. These include customer service, social media management, sales, telephone management, filling and many more.

The payments are fair because they pay according to the amount of work done. You can google for the companies that require virtual assistance services and cold pitch. You can also get their jobs in the freelancer job sites.

9. Freelance writing

As said earlier, one thing that website owners use to create and keep the audience is by creating relevant contents. This is where a good opportunity for freelance writers. Besides, writing is an involving task which requires quality contents which is the reason why skilled writers are sought after every day.

If you are good at grammar and can actually write good contents, you can use your writing skills to tap into this opportunity. Writing opportunity is available everywhere if you can demonstrate your writing skills you can benefit from writing.

Reasons why freelance writing is lucrative

  • Demand for quality contents is rising
  • Writing needs a skilled person meaning not everyone can do it.
  • Writing is time-consuming therefore left for professionals writers to do it.

10. Online tutoring

This is one of the lucrative online jobs that can earn you good money. People are looking for education and self-improvement every day and every person has a unique thing they can teach others.

You can get students on freelance sites and other job boards available on the internet. This is a very popular activity that is being used by different people all over the world. The most popular thing you can teach through this way is languages and ‘how to do’ kind of instructions. However, you can learn a new skill and start teaching people about it.

There are other good ways you can make money online by tutoring. You can find online tutoring jobs from various websites which specialize in online tutoring.

  • Wyzant.com. When you join Wyzant, you will be required to file your profile with your skills and expertise for students to find you. You can showcase your skills using videos and other relevant portfolios. Millions of students will view your profile if they find the skill they are looking for in your profile they will contact you
  • Tutor.com. This site provides you with an opportunity to teach remotely. It is available 24/7 every day, which gives you an opportunity to work even on a part-time basis. Tutor.com allows you to teach as little as 5 hrs or as much as 29 hr a week depending on your schedule.
  • Chegg. Provides you with an opportunity to work online tutoring. You will log-in when it is convenient for you to work and Chegg will send students to you. You will have to build your ranking in terms of reputation. The higher your reputation is the more students you get and the more the money you earn.
  • Tutorme.com. You will be required to fill your basic personal information with your working experience. Once you have opened the account, you will choose the right time for you to start teaching. You will then be matched with students who are looking for your skill when you are online. You can $18/hr if you have relevant skills.

11. Web designing

Still, we have seen that a website is an important tool in making money online. You can acquire this skill and start designing websites for other people. Clients are constantly looking for new websites. Some need their websites updated daily, this a work which can earn you constant money.

12. Sales

You can do sales and marketing remotely. A client may hire you and give you more information in the process. The best thing with marketing is that it depends on the approach you take on your target market. You can close many leads through freelance marketing which can earn you good money.

13. Transcription

You can make money online through converting audio or video files into text on behalf of other people. You need to have good punctuation skills and flawless grammar to succeed. Transcribing requires a transcriber to have good listening skills in order to transcribe accurately.

You need a computer with reliable internet, a good chair to support your back, transcription software like Express Scribe (it’s free!), headphones and a foot pedal (not a must but it enhances your speed). Your typing speed will determine your pay. The more you transcribe the more you are paid. Some of the best-paying sites include,

14. Translation

If you are good in at least two main languages, you can monetize your skills by doing the translation work for other people. You can find jobs on these websites:

C. Casual ways of making money online

Apart from the above-mentioned online jobs, you can still find easier jobs that can earn you good money online. If you have a smartphone you can actually use it to make money online. Here are four easy and safe ways you can make money online using your phone.

15. Ad clicking jobs

Ad clicking job doesn’t require any particular skill. So long as you have a smartphone you can start doing ad clicking. Companies pay you to click their adverts and read what they have to offer.

You can join several paid to click (PTC) sites that are available and start earning. AD clicking is a good job to do when you have other things that are taking up your time. You can do it anywhere when you are idle and earn some money. Here are trusted paid to click sites where you can start doing this job.

16. Online survey jobs

There are companies that will pay you for conducting a survey on their behalf. Surveys are one of the important marketing tools for many companies. It enables them to know how people are perceiving their products which translates to sales. Online surveys are easy to fill and they don’t need any skill. Here are popular sites that provide paid surveys.

17. Get to paid to perform various tasks

There are various sites where you can get paid to perform various tasks. Just like surveys, there are sites which will pay for completing various activities. Some of the activities include giving feedbacks on particular brands and completing questionnaires on behalf of companies.

18. Making money through loyalty points

Every time you go shopping or buy things online ask your merchants if they offer loyalty points to their customers. Many companies offer different ways of awarding their clients. Loyalty points are some of the ways they use.

You will be rewarded with loyalty points on performing tasks or buying from the site. On accumulating a good number of point, you can redeem the points in different ways which depend on a company. This a great way to make money without lifting a finger.

How to differentiate between genuine online jobs that pay from a scam

However, online jobs that pay are difficult to find due to the increase in scams in the online job market. Some of the online job scams promise heaven, which drives unsuspecting candidates into it before they realize it was a scam. But, how do you identify a scam?

Here are a few things to look for:

It sounds too good to ignore

A scam has sugar coating promises that are hard to resist. They show you how you can easily succeed without a lot of hustle. They will promise a great return on your investment. They will give promises which look too good to ignore.

It involves money

A scam will promise big or quick money as your returns. The scam job may ask you to pay for a service before you receive an order to quicken the process. They use this idea to wow unsuspecting individuals who really look at the results instead of the whole process of how they will earn the money. Things like D9 Clube, Public likes and many other

It calls for your urgent action

A scam is a lie used by some fraudsters to steal from unsuspecting individuals. They will instill fear in their targeted person to make them take an urgent action. For example, they might tell you that it is the last chance and many people are fighting for this chance, but since he liked you he decided to receive it for you before it goes. So they call you to make it fast.

Asking for personal information

Genuine online jobs that pay will not ask for your personal information anywhere. You only need to register in a genuine site before moving one. If you come across someone who is asking for your personal information including your bank details, you should be weary it’s probably a scam.

Having said that, there are many genuine online jobs that pay if you have the skills and a will to work. Online jobs are jobs like any other which values quality work. You need to acquire relevant skills to be able to succeed in online jobs just like any other employment. The only difference is the way of doing the job, otherwise quality is a must. The following are genuine online jobs that pay very well.


If you’ve studied the 18 main ways of making money online, you will realize that there is something for everyone. Now you will agree with me that making money online is very easy. You only need an internet, high motivation and there you go.

Making money online can sustain you to an extent of abandoning your full-time job. And, yes you can make money online doing absolutely what you like. So, you do not have any reason why you should be broke.

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