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The Best TEFL Online Courses: The Definitive Buying Guide

You are looking for a legit TEFL online course, which is worth the money and perfectly prepares you to teach English abroad? Online courses are an excellent option for people who are motivated and excited about getting TEFL certified, but can’t make the time commitment or afford the high cost of in-person programs. The right…

How to Teach English Online with VIPKID: The Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking for an easy, interactive way to earn money online, consider teaching English with VIPKID. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection, set your own schedule, and help young students improve their English skills. VIPKID has earned a strong reputation for its innovative platform and great employment opportunities. Read on to…

How To Teach English in Costa Rica, The Land Of “Pura Vida”


If you plan to teach English in Costa Rica, you arguably chose the best option in Central America. Not only does it have countless job opportunities, but the country is beautiful and easy for Westerners to acclimate to. This post helps you to find a job to teach English in Costa Rica and build a…

The 7 Best Places To Teach English In Europe (In 2019)


Do you dream of living and teaching English in Europe? Europe undoubtedly has something to offer for everybody. Researching the 44 countries, and deciding which one to call home, is not easy. This post lists the best places to teach English in Europe in 2019 and explains the specifics of the regional TEFL job markets.…

Teaching English in China Without a Degree – is it Possible?

Being a native speaker and having at least a Bachelor’s degree: these are the most basic requirements to obtain a Chinese work visa for English teachers. Do you wonder if teaching English in China without a degree legally is possible at all? This post fills you in about your options and the risks. Unparalleled Demand…

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