The 6 Best Activity Tables for Classrooms, for Individuals and Groups

Creating a lot of fun activities is one of the best ways to engage little students and keep them interested.

But sometimes, it can be a hassle to manage them inside a classroom.

Activity tables are one building block of the perfect solution to this problem.

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Today, we’ve put together a list of the best activity tables for teachers that make classroom management so much easier – and bring along a lot of fun, too!

With that said:

Let’s find out more about activity tables for younger students!

Best Activity Tables for Classrooms - Top 6

Why Use Activity Tables?

Back in the day, classrooms were set with desks and chairs for individual students. If it worked back then, why do we need to replace them with activity tables today?

The answer is simple:

Activity tables are more effective. 

This new classroom setup is highly successful for younger students. It promotes teamwork and also keeps the little ones engaged in the classroom.

Having to continuously look at a whiteboard while the teacher writes and delivers a lecture can be pretty boring. You’ll agree with me on the fact that kids lose interest in such lectures very quickly.

But here’s the kicker:

Activity tables eradicate this problem.

You can encourage individual, pair or group activities that aid learning. Sitting in groups also promotes social skills. Kids can take help from their class fellows easily which is a great way to boost the learning rate, especially in weaker kids.

As a teacher, you can interact with your students more effectively on an activity table. Using such tables, you can keep an eye on the students and they can easily approach you in case of queries.

All in all:

Activity tables do make the classroom environment much better. You too should switch to activity tables for your classrooms to promote efficient learning.

Top 6 Classroom Activity Tables

Do you know what’s better than choosing between hundreds of options?

It’s choosing between the top 6 only.

So, here’s a list of the 6 best activity tables for classrooms. Each one has its own pros and cons so you have a wider variety to choose the perfect one for your classroom!

FDP Half Moon Activity School and Office Table

For teachers who love to sit with their students while they work, the is a gem. It’s the perfect table for groups as it allows you to keep an eye on all the students’ works while sitting in one place.

The height is adjustable which adds to the comfort of the students. Also, the table surface is big enough to provide all the students with enough to work while sitting together. It has been designed for classrooms, hence the tilted legs with ball glides that sit perfectly on carpeted floors.

Delight Kids Wooden Storage Table and Bench Set

This 4-piece activity table is great for smaller classrooms. The bright paint and bench-style chairs will give the classroom a very comfortable vibe as well. Also, this table is manufactured from an easy-to-clean material.

Ideally, it works great for pairs but, you can also add two more chairs around the table for group activities. The has storage space underneath each table which lets the students store their belongings without causing a mess in the classroom.

Sallymonday Kids Table and Chairs Set

The is a minimalistic plastic table with two chairs. It’s easy to clean, and the perfect size for little kids. The printed ABC on the surface is a definite help for the students as well.


This isn’t the sturdiest among activity tables. It can only accommodate 2 kids at a time so it won’t be suitable for group activities. On the contrary, it is easy to carry even for little kids.

VIVO Gray Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair

If you’re the kind of teacher who prefers to seat the students individually, then you should certainly consider activity tables like this one. What’s great about this table is that it comes with an LED lamp that ensures that the student’s workspace is always well-lit.

In addition:

The chair and desk, both are adjustable. The desk top on the can also be tilted upward for comfort. Not to mention, it comes in three color options and is extremely easy to assemble. The well-designed product ensures a relaxed posture for the kids.

Best Choice Products 5-Piece Wooden Activity Table

Here’s a great option for accommodating groups in your class. This sturdy wooden table comes with 4 elegant wooden chairs as well. The is highly durable and easy to assemble.

However, neither the table nor the chairs have a height adjustment option which is a function that’s available in a lot of other tables on the list. Other than that, this is a long-lasting activity table that is ideal for use in classrooms.

Displays2go Round Classroom Activity Table

Here’s another classroom activity table for groups. The has a whiteboard surface so you don’t even have to use the whiteboard on the wall. It is big enough to accommodate 6 to 20 children, depending on the kind of activity you’re conducting.


If you provide the kids with erasable markers, they can use the tabletop for their work without wasting paper. This also means that this table is really easy to clean as well.

The overall design of the product is very kid-friendly with protective bands around the surface and adjustable legs for comfortable height.


This sums up the list of the best classroom furniture for easier learning. We’ve provided you with a variety to choose from based on your needs.

Also, we have preselected some classroom seating options and other classroom supplies for you.

Now, it is your job to shortlist one type that suits your classroom the best. So, what are you waiting for?

Order activity tables for your classroom now to increase your students’ productivity.

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