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The Importance of Word Stress (In The English Language)

I've come across countless students who have a  decent understanding of English grammar, writing, and vocabulary. However, many of these same students continue to...

Consider Studying At A Community College

I have come across hundreds of students who want to obtain a university degree in the United States, but seem to have no clear...
a famous temple in south korea

The Truth About Teaching English in South Korea

South Korea remains one of the hot spots for teaching English abroad. I have met several teachers who have taught there. I've also been...

Teaching ESL in the United States

The common perception is that English is taught in foreign countries by backpackers fresh out of university. However, there are a number of jobs...

How To Teach English In Chile

In recent years, Chile has become somewhat of a destination for teaching English. After having spent two weeks there in 2012, I can understand...

5 Reasons NOT To Teach English Abroad

As a recruiter, teacher, trainer and traveler, I come across heaps of individuals interested in teaching English abroad. These fresh out of college kids to...

The Best Method For Teaching English

English is by far the world's most studied second language. It is no wonder that the ESL industry has grown significantly throughout the globe. Learning...

5 Reasons For Teaching English In Ecuador

While Ecuador may not hold the same international prestige of Brazil or Colombia, it demands the same respect as a place to visit, work,...

5 Reasons To Study In Chicago

I have come across thousands of ESL students in the United States and many of them are usually eager to tell me the places...

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