ESL Teachers Getting Short End of the Stick

February 28, 2014 James 5

Anyone that has taught English as a second language at a for profit school understands that the  ESL industry in the United States is highly unregulated, unfair and cutthroat in regards to the treatment of teachers. Despite a […]

Teaching ESL or English?

February 21, 2014 James 2

When I lived in Japan, I taught English. I was an English teacher, which in Japan takes  on  several meanings, some of which can be derogatory.  However, I do not teach English in the United States,  […]

Please Stop Talking if you Teach ESL

February 18, 2014 James 4

What are the qualifications to teach English? None really. Any native English speaker can land a job somewhere in the world teaching English. One just has to meet the minimal requirement, which is to speak […]

Three Great ESL Websites

February 15, 2014 James 0

There are tons of websites out there providing all kinds of free ESL material.  Some sites  require visitors to register before they can use any of the material, but the majority of them out there […]

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