Five Reasons NOT to Teach English Abroad

March 16, 2014 James 0

As a recruiter, teacher, trainer and traveler,  I come across heaps of individuals interested in teaching English abroad. These fresh out of college kids to working professionals in their 30’s and 40’s yearning for a change of […]

The Best Method for Teaching English

March 14, 2014 James 0

English is by far the world’s most studied second language. It is no wonder that the ESL industry has grown significantly throughout the globe. Learning English, teaching English and the corporations, colleges and universities that all […]

Five Reasons to Study in Chicago

March 5, 2014 James 1

I have come across thousands of ESL students in the United States and many of them are usually eager to tell me the places they have visited or the cities where they plan to study. […]

The Guide to Teach English in Japan

March 2, 2014 James 3

Despite a slowing economy in recent years, Japan remains a premier destination to teach English and it’s understandable why there is such an attraction to this place. Japan is endowed with an exotic culture, breathtaking […]

Exposing the TEFL Institute

March 1, 2014 James 0

As mentioned in previous posts, the ESL industry is cutthroat to say the least and for the most part, controlled by highly unqualified businessmen and women who have little or no understanding of teaching, a […]

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