This page contains downloadable Word and PDF files of English Idioms Worksheets and Lessons. Best of all, you don’t need to register for anything and all of these worksheets are absolutely free. Keep in mind that this page is an ongoing project and more worksheets will come soon.
When you are planning to teach English, it is important to have quality worksheets to supplement your lessons. Use any of the English idioms worksheets below in your lessons or simply assign as homework or extra study material. English idioms are a significant part of the language that should be incorporated into every lesson from intermediate students and beyond.

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File Subject Description
PDF English Idioms Most Commonly Used English Idioms
Word PDF English Idioms Everyday-expressions
Word PDF English Idioms Idioms and Slang introduction
Word PDF English Idioms Food Idioms and Vocabulary
Word PDF English Idioms Money Idioms
Word PDF English Idioms Useful Idioms #1
Word PDF English Idioms House and Furniture Idioms
PDF English Idioms Idioms about weather
Word PDF English Idioms Useful Idioms #2
Word PDF English Idioms Idioms worksheet
Word English Idioms Idioms-with Out Of
Word English Idioms English Idioms and Sayings
Word English Idioms Honesty Idioms
PDF English Idioms chapter 7 idioms
Word English Idioms 10 Idioms Based on Death