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JimmyESL is a great place to showcase open positions or advertise a school or company related to the TEFL industry. JimmyESL is a growing blog and focused on a niche audience. Send an email to [email protected] to receive a quote. Please provide some details of your potential advertising campaign. If you want to place a job ad for free, please visit the job board.

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We would be happy to place a backlink in one of our relevant sites for small fee of $20, which can be paid via paypal. Please contact [email protected].

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I am looking for individuals with experience teaching English abroad or teaching ESL domestically to write an article or articles for JimmyESL. Your article can be on anything related to abroad or ESL, including working conditions, your experience living in another country, the ESL industry, personal narratives about an interesting experience abroad and so on. Just send your story pitch to [email protected]


-Get published and share your article with others. JimmyESL gets a fair amount of visitors a day and this is a great way to build up a portfolio or simply polish your writing skills.

-Creative freedom to write on a variety of topics so long as they are related or even loosely related to abroad or ESL.

Are you an investor or someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

I am looking for a business partner or a few partners. If you would like to talk more, send me an email to [email protected]mmyesl.com and tell me a bit about what you do.