Scammed by the TEFL Institute

May 28, 2014 James 0

Each year thousands of  Westerners, who are eager to teach English abroad, enroll in either TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certification courses. Each of these certificates along with a bachelor’s degree will potentially qualify someone to teach […]

Kaplan Teachers Seek First Union Contract

March 30, 2014 James 6

ESL teachers in New York continue to fight for a first ever union contract with Kaplan International, a for-profit English language school giant owned by Graham Holdings Company, formerly known as the Washington Post Company. […]

Exposing the TEFL Institute

March 1, 2014 James 0

As mentioned in previous posts, the ESL industry is cutthroat to say the least and for the most part, controlled by highly unqualified businessmen and women who have little or no understanding of teaching, a […]

ESL Teachers Getting Short End of the Stick

February 28, 2014 James 5

Anyone that has taught English as a second language at a for profit school understands that the  ESL industry in the United States is highly unregulated, unfair and cutthroat in regards to the treatment of teachers. Despite a […]