Kaplan Teachers Seek First Union Contract

March 30, 2014 James 6

ESL teachers in New York continue to fight for a first ever union contract with Kaplan International, a for-profit English language school giant owned by Graham Holdings Company, formerly known as the Washington Post Company. […]

The Importance of Word Stress

March 30, 2014 James 1

I’ve come across countless students who have a  decent understanding of English grammar, writing and vocabulary. However, many of these same students continue to struggle with speaking and have difficulty being understood by native English […]

Teaching ESL in the United States

March 18, 2014 James 4

The common perception is that English is taught in foreign countries by backpackers fresh out of university. However, there are a number of jobs to be had teaching English as a second language teaching domestically […]

Five Reasons NOT to Teach English Abroad

March 16, 2014 James 0

As a recruiter, teacher, trainer and traveler,  I come across heaps of individuals interested in teaching English abroad. These fresh out of college kids to working professionals in their 30’s and 40’s yearning for a change of […]

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